Bullet Bill on Your Back

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Bullet Bill on Your Back
Mario guides a Bullet Bill to a cage
Location Dusty Dune Galaxy
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Bullet Bill on Your Back is the sixth mission of the Dusty Dune Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a hidden mission accessed through the Sunbaked Sand Castle mission.


The player needs to go through the original mission as normal until they reach the Sand Tide Planet. The sand on the planet will rise and lower, and a stump will be revealed at the lowest tide. Ground Pounding the stump will cause notes to appear around the planet, and collecting them all will cause a Launch Star to appear.

The Launch Star will take the player to a second disk planet with a Bill Blaster that shoots out two Bullet Bills at a time. Ground Pounding a switch will cause a platform to rise underneath the Bill Blaster and breakable cages will appear around it, which contain Star Bits, a Rainbow Star, or the Power Star. The player needs to lead a Bullet Bill into the cage with the Power Star in order to claim it. Ground Pounding the other switch will cause the platform and cages to lower if the player needs to do so.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すななかかがやくもの
Suna no naka de kagayaku mono
Shiny Things in the Sand
Chinese 沙漠里闪闪发光的东西
Shāmò lǐ shǎnshǎnfāguāng de dōngxi
Glittering Item in the Desert
French (NOA) La Tour du Désert The Tower of the Desert
French (NOE) Scintillements dans le sable Sparkles in the sand
German Was im Sand funkelt What sparkles in the Sand
Italian Bagliore nella Sabbia Glowing in the Sand
Korean 모래 속에서 빛나는 것
Morae sogeseo binnaneun geot
Glittering Item in the Sand
Spanish (NOA) La Torre del Desierto The Desert Tower
Spanish (NOE) Destellos entre la arena Sparkles on the sand