Major Burrows's Daredevil Run

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Major Burrows's Daredevil Run
Major Burrows Daredevil Run.png
Location Gusty Garden Galaxy
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Major Burrows
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Major Burrows's Daredevil Run is the fourth mission of the Gusty Garden Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This mission, until completed, can only be done while a Daredevil Comet is in orbit.


The objective of this mission is the same as the original mission: to defeat Major Burrows. However, Mario can only take one hit, as per the rule of the Daredevil Comet. The only planet the player travels to is the one where Major Burrows is fought and the method of defeating him remains the same.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サドンデス! モグラの大将たいしょう見参けんざん!
Sadon Desu! Mogura no taishō, kenzan!
Sudden Death! An Audience with the Mole General!

Chinese 命悬一线!土拨鼠的首领登场!
Mìngxuányīxiàn! Tǔbōshǔ de shǒulǐng dēngchǎng
Life on a Thread! Marmot Boss Comes on Stage!

French (NOA) Le Roi Mogu Entre en Scène! (Pas de Seconde Chance)
Major Burrows enters the scene! (No Second Chance)
French (NOE) Le roi Mogu entre en scène! (pas de seconde chance)
Major Burrows enters the scene! (no second chance)
German Risikokomet! General Maulwurf
Risky Comet! General Mole
Italian Pericolo! Arriva il Gran Roditore!
Danger! Here comes the Big Rodent!
Korean 서든 데스! 두더지 대장의 등장!
Seodeun deseu! Dudeoji daejang ui deungjang!
Sudden death! Major Burrows, on the scene!

Spanish (NOA) ¡Muerte súbita! ¡El Topatón está aquí!
Sudden death! Major Burrows is here!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Muerte súbita! El jefe topo
Sudden death! Major Burrows