Bubble Blastoff

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Bubble Blastoff
Bubble Blastoff 1.png
Location Deep Dark Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Undergrunt Gunner
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Bubble Blastoff is the second mission of the Deep Dark Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of only two missions with three different power-ups, the other being Choosing a Favorite Snack.


A watermelon planet
The large watermelon.

When the player starts on the beach, there will be an Undergrunt Gunner firing bubbles at the player. To defeat it, the player needs to either Ground Pound the top of the enemy's mech or send coconuts by spinning into them a total of three times. Doing so will defeat the Undergrunt Gunner and open up the cannon. Like with the last mission, the player needs to use the cannon to fire at the small planet with numerous Octoguys and grab the Fire Flower, returning to the main planet and lighting the torches in the cave. Lighting up all three torches before the power-up wears off will reveal an Ice Flower the player has to use to cross the lake and jump up water spouts. The player must then climb a series of poles and swing on nails to move forward, touching a ? Coin to reveal Sling Stars along the way. Next, the player can use Water Shooters to get up over platforms and avoid the Fire Shooters. Once the player reaches a Fire Bar, they have to stand on the block the fire is connected to so the bubble from the Water Shooter can send the player to the next planet. Ground Pounding on all three stumps will cause the Water Cannon on the planet to start working, which will send the player to the next planet. There, the player must avoid a Ball Beamer and Ground Pound the large tennis balls in the marble to expand the watermelon inside, causing it to expand to the point where it will shatter the marble casing and cause the Power Star to appear.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウォーターシューターで空中散歩くうちゅうさんぽ
Wōtā Shūtā de kūchūsanpo
A Midair Stroll using Water Shooters

Chinese 水泡喷射器的空中散步
Shuǐpào pēnshèqì de kōngzhōng sànbù
Sky Walk with Water Shooters

French (NOA) Balade Aérienne des Bulles
Aerial Walk with Bubbles
French (NOE) Balade aérienne avec les canons à eau
Aerial walk with water cannons
German Spaziergang am Himmel
Walk in the Sky
Italian Passeggiata Aerea con Spara-Acqua
Aerial Walk with Water Shooters
Korean 워터슈터로 공중 산책
Woteosyuteoro gongjung sanchaek
Sky Walk with Water Shooters

Spanish (NOA) Paseo Aéreo con Lanzador de Agua
Flight-Seeing with Water Shooters
Spanish (NOE) Paseo aéreo con lanzador de agua
Aerial tour with Water Shooters