Watch Your Step (mission)

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Watch Your Step
Area 2 from Matter Splatter Galaxy.
Location Matter Splatter Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Watch Your Step is the sole mission of the Matter Splatter Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The level revolves around the Matter Splatter concept, where matter creates and removes platforms of various scenery.


Players first land on a solid platform. They then have to pass the planet until they reach a green Warp Pipe. Players then end up on a planet that requires a few Wall Jumps to get to the top and into the next planet. Players have to jump up pink platforms and destroy the Crystal to get a Spring Mushroom. Players then have to bounce up to grab the ? Coin to move the "spotlight". Once they reach the top, they must use the Sling Star to transform back into normal and land on another planet. Players must then travel through a maze; if they reach a dead end, they can fall or they can Long Jump back onto the right path. In every group of four Star Bits, a Magikoopa appears. Once players pass, the "spotlight" begins to shrink, so players have to get the Power Star quickly.


Planets Visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 超空間ちょうくうかんしめみち
Chōkūkan no shimesu michi
The Path Shown by Hyperspace
Chinese 超空间的路标
Chāo kōngjiān de lùbiāo
Hyperdimensional Street Sign
French (NOA) Attention Où Vous Mettez les Pieds Be Careful Where You Put Your Feet
French (NOE) Chemin de traverse pour l'hyperespace Crossing for the hyperspace
German Der Weg durch den Superraum The Way through the Superspace
Italian Attenzione a Dove Cammini Watch out where you walk
Korean 초공간이 나타내는 길
Chogonggani natanaeneum gil
The Path Shown by Hyperspace
Spanish (NOA) Fíjate Bien Dónde Pisas! Look Well Where You Step!
Spanish (NOE) Senda lúgubre hiperdimensional Hyperdimensional gloomy path