Honeyhive Galaxy

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Honeyhive Galaxy
Honeyhive Galaxy
Area Terrace
How to unlock Get 3 Power Stars
Boss(es) Mandibug Stack
Comet(s) Cosmic Comet
Purple Comet
Mission(s) Bee Mario Takes Flight
Trouble on the Tower
Big Bad Bugaboom
Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race
The Honeyhive's Purple Coins
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Music track(s) The Honeyhive
Pipe Interior
The Toad Brigade
Big Bad Bugaboom
King Kaliente
Cosmic Comet
Stars StarStarStarCosmic Comet StarPurple Comet StarSecret Star
Galaxy icon The Starting Planet, the Queen Bee Planet, a honey wall, and several floating blocks and logs
Not to be confused with Honeyclimb Galaxy.
“Welcome to the Honeyhive Kingdom! Our queen rules this land.”
Honeybee, Super Mario Galaxy

The Honeyhive Galaxy (also known as the Honeyhive Kingdom and originally as the Honeybee Galaxy) is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This forest-based galaxy is full of flowers and honey walls and is inhabited by friendly Honeybees. The kingdom and its bee subjects are ruled by Queen Bee. The Bee Mushroom debuts here, transforming Mario into Bee Mario. This is one of the three bee-themed galaxies, the other two being the Honeyclimb Galaxy and Gold Leaf Galaxy. The aforementioned Gold Leaf Galaxy is also a mirror version of this galaxy, except with an autumn environment on the main planet and a few minor changes to the surrounding planets. In early versions of the game, Gold Leaf Galaxy planets could be found in Honeyhive Galaxy and/or vice versa, suggesting that they were originally planned as one larger galaxy.

While the galaxy does not return in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Honeybloom Galaxy and Honeyhop Galaxy share the same bee-themed traits as this galaxy, and the Honey Queen makes a reappearance in the latter. The music theme of the galaxies is a remixed version of the theme playing in this galaxy, with additional instruments.


NOTE: Unless otherwise marked, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

The Starting Planet of the Honeyhive Galaxy.
Mario landing on the Starting Planet.

The first Planet that Mario visits contains many Honeybees, Boulders, Slurples, and on occasion Mandibugs. The first Bee Mushroom is located on this planet. There are also Flipbugs on this planet, as well as a large waterfall in the middle. The area behind the waterfall has a lot of honey on the floor which slows Mario down. A Launch Star at the end of this area will lead the player to the Flower Planet. The Toad Brigade and the first Power Star can be found in a treetop here. On the second mission, Mario can use a Sproutle Vine to reach an area with a Sling Star, leading to another area with a button and a Wiggler around it. When Mario presses it, it leads to the side of the starting planet, an area with boxes on them and a Launch Star leading to the Hat Planets. The area can also be reached in other missions with skilled jumps, though the Launch Star is not present. In mission three, Queen Bee is behind the water, asking for Mario's assistance. A Launch Star appears later on, taking Mario to the Bugaboom Planet.

Flipbugs in the Honeyhive Galaxy
Some Flipbugs in the Starting Planet's tunnel section.
Mario in the Honeyhive Galaxy
The hidden slide past the waterfall.
Mario in the Honeyhive Galaxy
The grassy cliff on the Starting Planet

Observation Deck[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy4.png

The Observation Deck is a wooden platform with three stories, which only exists in the Trouble on the Tower mission. The mini-boss and Power Star of Trouble on the Tower are found here. Mario must use a swing here to get across the pit. At the bottom of this pit, a trampoline can be found. If Mario falls into the pit, there is a Life Mushroom guarded by two Mandibugs on the bottom level of the observation deck. Two trampolines can be used to get Mario up to the second level, which also has two Mandibugs and two walls for Mario to wall jump, so that he can get to the third level. In the third level, Mario must ground pound a button while avoiding another Mandibug. After doing so, the windmill starts, and helps Mario reach the mini-boss, a Mandibug Stack.

Flower Planet[edit]


This planet contains many floating flower platforms. The bottom of the planet is full of lily pads floating in water that work as landing spots for Bee Mario. Several rock-spitting Octoguys, a Flipbug, and some Piranha Plants reside around the edges of the pond. Mario must reach the spinning flower platforms floating above this planet by using the Banandelions and the Bee Mario. In the middle of the floating flower platforms is a gigantic flower platform, above which is a Launch Star that takes Mario to the Queen Bee Planet when used. In between the flower platforms, several fountains are found, which continually blast water into the air and will turn Bee Mario back into Mario if he is hit.

Queen Bee Planet[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy and Queen Bee
The Queen Bee planet.

This planet is what the Honeybees call the "Queen's castle". This planet contains Queen Bee and some Honeybees. This planet starts with a honey wall. At the bottom of the wall, a Honeybee and a Piranha Plant can be found. To climb up the wall, Mario must run into it and go upwards. It requires one jump and fly period and the rest is climbing. There are some optional jump and fly periods for shortcuts, coins, 1-ups, etc. At the very top of the wall, a Piranha Plant can be seen holding down a sproutle. When Mario defeats it, it releases the sproutle, which brings Mario right in front of Queen Bee. Queen Bee is hovering in the middle of the Queen Bee planet. The Queen Bee Planet is filled with water and has a rim of ground going around it. It is possible to stick to Queen Bee and climb around her.

Mushroom Twin Planets[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy2.png

The Mushroom Twin Planets[1] are two planets which twist around. They have many enemies. Several Piranha Plants are on the top mushroom planet, which Mario can defeat in order to receive star bits and coins. Then he must proceed to the bottom of the planet. Once there, Mario can jump and land in a ring of star bits on the second planet, which contains two Wigglers. At the bottom of this planet, a Launch Star can be found, which leads to the Mushroom Twin planets Planet.

Tubed Relay Planet[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy3.png

The Tubed Relay Planet[2] is shaped like a rattle with, as the name suggests - a hollowed out "tubed" tree trunk as the handle. There is also a large bulb at the top. On the bulb at the top, many Piranha Plants are found. Defeating them will give Mario star bits or coins. A ? Coin is found nearby, which releases a Rainbow Star so that Mario can defeat all the Piranha Plants.

Bugaboom Planet[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy5.png

Bugaboom is fought here. When Mario arrives at the planet, two platforms are found, each one with a Banandelion. The first one also has a Bee Mushroom, and the second platform has three coins. Mario must use the Bee Mushroom to reach the Banandelions and then fly on to the next platform. This planet is large and has a gigantic tree in the middle of it. There are several Banandelions, honey on the tree and a river of water in the way of scenery on the planet.



Level Image Summary
Bee Mario/Luigi Takes Flight Mario becomes Bee Mario This mission involves learning about Bee Mario and making contact with the Toad Brigade.
Trouble on the Tower A Mandibug Stack in Honeyhive Galaxy. The goal of this mission is to defeat the Mandibugs, including the Mandibug Stack, that have attacked the galaxy.
Big Bad Bugaboom Bugaboom This mission involves defeating the leader of the Mandibugs, Bugaboom, and stopping the Mandibug invasion.
Honeyhive Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race Mario encounters Cosmic Mario at the Honeyhive Galaxy, in Super Mario Galaxy. This mission is a cosmic race against Cosmic Mario across the Starting Planet.
The Honeyhive's Purple Coins Mario in Honeyhive Galaxy collecting Purple Coins. This mission involves collecting 100 Purple Coins scattered across the Starting Planet.
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom Luigi's postcard when he is trapped in the Honeyhive Galaxy The mission's goal is to rescue Luigi (after having rescued him in three other galaxies) from a Flipbug.


Other appearances[edit]

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

Part of the Honeyhive Galaxy appears in Mario Golf: World Tour during Rosalina's Eagle, Albatross, and Hole-in-One animations.

Additionally, the music of the Wiggler Park course is a cover of this galaxy's music.

Mario Sports Superstars[edit]

As Mario Sports Superstars reuses Rosalina's golf animations from Mario Golf: World Tour, the Honeyhive Galaxy reappears during her best post-hole animations.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハニービーキングダムギャラクシー
Hanī Bī Kingudamu Gyarakushī
Honey Bee Kingdom Galaxy
Chinese 蜜蜂王国银河
Mìfēng wángguó yínhé
Honeybee Kingdom Galaxy
French (NOA) Royaume des Abeilles Kingdom of the Bees
French (NOE) Royaume des abeilles Kingdom of the Bees
German Honigbienenkönigreich Honeybee-Kingdom
Italian Galassia Dolceape Sweet-Bee Galaxy
Korean 허니비 킹덤 갤럭시
Heonibi Kingdeom Gaelleoksi
Honeybee Kingdom Galaxy
Portuguese Galáxia Colmeia Honeyhive Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia del Reino de las Abejas Bee Kingdom Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Reino de Abejas Bee Kingdom Galaxy


  • There is a group of Star Bits to the immediate right of the starting area that form a large letter "M", in reference to Mario. There is another group of Star Bits in the Gold Leaf Galaxy that are in the same position as these Star Bits (mirror-wise, of course), which form a large letter "L", in reference to Luigi.


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