Painting the Planet Yellow

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Painting the Planet Yellow
SMG Flipswitch Galaxy Mission.png
Location Flipswitch Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Painting the Planet Yellow is the sole mission of Flipswitch Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The main goal of this mission is for Mario (or Luigi) to activate all Flipswitch Panels on the Starting Planet.


Mario initially lands on the Starting Planet, automatically activating one Flipswitch. Mario then has to maneuver around the planet on its different faces to activate all remaining Flipswitch Panels. There are moving platforms with spiky edges on the Starting Planet that Mario can use to get across gaps. There are also a couple of moving electric rails that are found across the planet that Mario has to avoid. Upon successfully activating all Flipswitch Panels found on the planet, the moving platforms stop moving, the electrical barriers disappear, and the Power Star of the mission appears above the lone Spring Vault found on the planet's upper face. To collect the Power Star, Mario must jump on top of the Spring Vault that launches him into the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 黄色きいろまれ! フリップパネル
Ki-iroku somare! Furippu Paneru
Turn it Yellow! Flip Panel
Chinese 变变变!黄色翻转板
Biàn biàn biàn! Huángsè fānzhuǎn bǎn
Change change change! Yellow Flip Board
French (NOA) Dalles Jaunes, Exclusivement! Yellow Tiles, Exclusively!
French (NOE) Dalles jaunes, exclusivement! Yellow Tiles, Exclusively!
German Färb die Umdrehböden gelb ein! Dye the Revolution Grounds Yellow!
Italian Dipingi di Giallo i Pannelli Alternati Paint the Flipswitches Yellow
Korean 노랗게 물들어라! 플립패널
Norake muldeureora! Peullip paeneol
Become Yellow! Flip Panel
Spanish (NOA) Pinta el Planeta de Amarillo Painting the Planet Yellow
Spanish (NOE) ¡Todos de amarillo, panelillos! All yellow, little panels!