Star Bunnies in the Snow

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Star Bunnies in the Snow
Mario chasing bunnies on the Snow Cap Galaxy
Location Snow Cap Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Star Bunnies in the Snow is the only mission of the Snow Cap Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.


The main planet with a trio of Star Bunnies on it

Mario (or Luigi) starts off on a glass sphere planet with a treasure chest on the top. Mario will have to go under the planet to find a Green Shell and throw it at the chest to open it, revealing a Sling Star. Mario then launches himself from the Sling Star, allowing him to reach the next planet. On the main planet, Mario encounters a trio of Star Bunnies. They challenge him to find all three of them within a time limit of 150 seconds.

The first Star Bunny can be found by using the Star Cursor to search through the snow to find it hopping out of a hole buried under the snow. The next Star Bunny is found hiding inside a treasure chest on one of the sides of the planet. To find the last Star Bunny, Mario will have to step on all of the hidden Flipswitch Panels underneath the snow to make a Fire Flower appear on one of the sides of the planet. Mario must grab the Fire Flower, and quickly shoot fireballs at the snowmen to reveal the final bunny hiding inside.

Once Mario has successfully captured all three Star Bunnies before time runs out, they give him a Power Star as a reward. Otherwise, he will lose a life.

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 見極めろ!雪のウサギの挑戦状
Mikiwamero! Yuki no usagi no chousenjō
Gaze it! The Challenge of Snow Bunny
Chinese 找找看!雪兔的挑战书
Zhǎo zhǎo kàn! Xuě tù de tiāozhànshū
Find it! The Letter of Challenge from Snow Bunny
French Le défi des lapins des neiges Snow Bunnies' Challenge
German Herausforderung der Schneehasen Challenge of the Mountain Hare
Italian Conigli delle Nevi Snow bunnies
Korean 눈토끼의 도전장을 해독하라!
Nun tokki ui dojeonjang eul haedokhara!
Gaze the Challenge of Snow Bunny!
Spanish (NOA) El Desafío de los Conejos The Bunnies' Challenge
Spanish (NOE) El desafío de los conejos The bunnies' challenge