Trouble on the Tower

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Trouble on the Tower
A Mandibug Stack in Honeyhive Galaxy.
Location Honeyhive Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Trouble on the Tower is the second Power Star mission in Honeyhive Galaxy. The objective is to climb up to a tall tower and defeat the Mandibug Stack at the top.


A view from above the Honeyhive Galaxy
A view from above the Honeyhive Galaxy.

According to a Honeybee at the beginning of the level, the Mandibugs, enemies from a neighboring planet, have taken residence in the Honeyhive Kingdom. By using a Bee Mushroom, the player has to climb up the main planet and traverse a few smaller ones, which leads them to the Tower of the Kingdom.

Destroying the second stone wheel reveals a Sproutle that takes the player to the next section. There are two trampolines here; one of them leads to a ? Block containing Star Bits, while the other can be used to bounce up to a Sling Star, which sends the player to a platform with a Wiggler and a button. The button must be pressed to open the next part of the path, where the player must Wall Jump to the top of a staircase. At the top, they must follow the wooden boards, which lead to a Launch Star. The Launch Star takes the player to the Hat Planets, where they must face a barrage of Piranha Plants and later Wigglers. At the end of the second Hat Planet is another Sling Star which takes them to the Rattle Planet. On the Rattle Planet, several Piranha Plants, one more Wiggler, and a ? Coin are found. There is a tube for the player to go through which takes them to the Observation Deck. There, several Mandibugs must be defeated and the trampolines must be used to get to a wall jumping platform. Here, the player must wall jump up to get to the upper level. A nearby button must be Ground Pounded to activate a windmill which takes the player to the very top. At the peak is the Mandibug Stack, which must be defeated to progress. The child on top must be Ground Pounded first before attacking the parent on the bottom. Defeating them releases a Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 物見ものみやぐらの異変いへん
Monomiyagura no ihen
Strange Events at the Watchtower
Chinese 了望塔的非常事件
Liǎowàngtǎ de fēicháng shìjiàn
Uncommon Incident of the Watchtower
French (NOA) L'Incident de la Tour d'Observation The Incident of the Observation Tower
French (NOE) L'incident de la tour d'observation The Incident of the Observation Tower
German Notfall am Wachturm Emergency at the Watchtower
Italian Strani Eventi sulla Torre Weird Events on the Tower
Korean 전망대의 이변
Jeonmangdae ui ibyeon
Unusual Event in the Observation Tower
Spanish (NOA) Sucesos Extraños en la Atalaya Strange Events in the Watchtower
Spanish (NOE) Sucesos extraños en la atalaya Strange events in the watchtower