Big Bad Bugaboom

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Big Bad Bugaboom
Location Honeyhive Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Bugaboom
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“The neighbors are causing trouble again! We would be most grateful for your assistance!”
Queen Bee, Super Mario Galaxy

Big Bad Bugaboom is the third Power Star mission in Honeyhive Galaxy. The objective is to defeat Bugaboom.


Fighting Bugaboom
Fighting Bugaboom.

The Mandibugs have started attacking nearby planets, and to end the invasion, the leader of the Mandibugs, Bugaboom, must be defeated. To reach it, Mario (or Luigi) must travel through the starting planet, avoiding Boulders, Slurples, Piranha Plants, and Mandibugs along the way. Using a Water Shooter, he must go to the area at the bottom of the waterfall and travel through the tunnel to meet Queen Bee. On the other side of a pole is a small room with a Life Mushroom and some enemies. Once he arrives, Queen Bee asks him to help her and gives him a Launch Star that connects to the Mandibug Planet.

There are two small platforms before the Mandibug Planet that help Mario reach the planet through Banandelions and the Bee Mushroom. Mario then lands on the Bugaboom Planet, starting a battle with Bugaboom. To defeat Bugaboom, its back must be Ground Pounded three times. The first time, Bugaboom charges at Mario on the ground, and he must use a Bee Mushroom to get higher than it before and then Ground Pounding. The second time, Bugaboom starts flying, and he must fly up to some nearby honeycombs. He needs to stay there until Bugaboom passes below him while avoiding its bombs. Finally, after the second hit, Bugaboom grows angry and starts flying faster as well as sideways, preventing Mario from attacking it. He must wait until it flips back, and then use the Banandelions to get above it. When Bugaboom is defeated, a Power Star appears.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クワカブト一家いっか逆襲ぎゃくしゅう
Kuwakabuto ikka no gyakushū
Mandibug Family's Counterattack

Chinese 鹿角甲虫一族的反攻
Lùjiǎo jiǎchóng yīzú de fǎngōng
The Counterattack of Mandibug Family

French (NOA) Le Clan Skarabée Contre-Attaque
The Mandibug Clan Counter-Attacks
French (NOE) Le clan Skarabée contre-attaque
The Mandibug Clan Counter-Attacks
German Gegenangriff der Stinkkäferfamilie
Counter-Attack of the Stinking Beetle Family
Italian Contrattacco degli Scarafetor
Counter-Attack of the Mandibugs
Korean 사슴풍뎅이 일족의 역습
Saseumpungdeng'i iljok ui yeokseup
The counterattack of Mandibug Family

Spanish (NOA) El Imperio Escarabajo Contraataca
The Mandibug Empire Strikes Back
Spanish (NOE) El imperio escarabajo contraataca
The Mandibug empire strikes back


  • This mission's music is different from the normal music of this galaxy; being a tweaked, faster version of the normal music.
  • The Spanish name for this mission may be a reference to the Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back.