Bubble Blast Galaxy

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Not to be confused with Bubble Breeze Galaxy.
Bubble Blast Galaxy
Bubble Blast Galaxy
The first area of the Bubble Blast Galaxy
Area Planet of Trials
How to unlock Complete Luigi under the Saucer, The Secret of Buoy Base, and Treasure of the Pyramid
Mission(s) The Electric Labyrinth
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.
Galaxy icon None

The Bubble Blast Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of the three Trial Galaxies. This galaxy consists of a large maze made of electrical fences floating in space. This is similar to the Bubble Breeze Galaxy, but is more complicated due to the fact the barriers are replaced by electricity instead of rocks.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

The starting planet on the Bubble Blast Galaxy

This is a small yellow platform that is shaped like a star. Mario can choose one of the five pipes from here.

Half 1[edit]

Bubble Blast Galaxy

This is a large area with many electric rails and Amps. It contains five parts; one for each yellow Star Chip that must be collected. Mario must avoid hitting the many electric rails and other obstacles while floating in a bubble and collecting yellow Star Chips. The Starting Planet is found in the center of this area, each point with a pipe that leads to one of the five areas.

Half 2[edit]

SMG Bubble Blast Part 2.png

This half is similar to the first half, but Mario must float through a maze to the Power Star while avoiding electric rails and Bullet Bills. There are also many spinning bars, Space Mines and glass spheres to make the path difficult.

Item Crystal Moons[edit]

Item Crystal Moons
The rock and sand moons

These are three inaccessible moons that float high above the galaxy and can only be reached through hacking. The largest one is made of rock and has many large Crystals that appear to contain Star Bits, although only one of them will release Star Bits when broken. Mario comes in contact with this crystal when he flies into it while traveling to the second half of the level. The medium-sized moon is made of sand and also has several Crystals that also do not yield any Star Bits. The smallest of the moons is made of rock, does not have any unique features, and is somewhat hard to find due to its small size and dark color. This moon is the only one out the three that does not have gravity.[1]



This galaxy contains only the following mission.

Mission Image Summary

The Electric Labyrinth The Electric Labyrinth of the Bubble Blast Galaxy This mission's objective is to navigate through the electric rails in a bubble.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チャレンジバブルギャラクシー
Charenji Baburu Gyarakushī
Challenge Bubble Galaxy

Chinese 气泡挑战银河
Qìpào tiāozhàn yínhé
Bubble Challenge Galaxy

French Épreuve de la bulle
Bubble trial
German Challenge-Blase
Bubble challenge
Italian Galassia Sfida Bolla
Challenge Bubble Galaxy
Korean 챌린지 버블 갤럭시
Chaellinji Beobeul Galleoksi
Challenge Bubble Galaxy

Spanish Galaxia Burbuja (reto)
Bubble Galaxy (challenge)


  • Another section of the map was planned, featuring cube-shaped bubbles. This was removed, however, and the cube bubbles ended up unused.[2]


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