Battlerock's Garbage Dump

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Battlerock's Garbage Dump
SMG Battlerock Ammo Depot.png
Location Battlerock Galaxy
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Battlerock's Garbage Dump is the sixth mission of the Battlerock Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.


This mission takes place during the Breaking into the Battlerock mission. Before using the first Launch Star, the player should collect the Star Bits under the saucers and in the cages, which can be broken by throwing Bob-ombs at them. On the next planet, there is a Hungry Luma that asks the player to feed it thirty Star Bits, the exact amount that can be found on the previous saucers. Feeding it the amount asked will have the Luma transform into a pink Launch Star that will take the player to a new area.

Upon landing on the new platform, a Gearmo will tell the player that he's angry at others for dumping their trash here. He then asks the player to help him get rid of it all by blowing it all up with Bob-ombs, and accepting will start a timer of thirty seconds. Since the Bob-ombs take ten seconds to explode, the player must position them carefully; there are yellow circles amongst the platform that hint toward the best positions for the Bob-ombs to be thrown. By blowing up all the trash within the time limit, the Gearmo will thank the player's help with a Power Star, though unlike other challenges which result in a lost life if the player fails, here they can try again as many times as they want until they win.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大要塞きょだいようさいの ゴミにて
Kyodai yōsai no gomisuteba nite
At the Great Fortress's Garbage Dump
Chinese 巨大要塞的垃圾场
Jùdà yàosài de lājīchǎng
Garbage Dump of the Giant Fortress
French (NOA) Le Dépotoir de la Forteresse The Garbage Dump of the Fortress
French (NOE) La décharge de la forteresse
German Die Mülldeponie der Riesenfestung The Garbage Depot of the Giant Fortress
Italian Discarica della Megaroccia The Battlerock's Dump
Korean 거대 요새의 쓰레기 처리장에서
Geodae Yosae ui Sseuregi Cheorijang eseo
In the Garbage Dump of the Giant Fortress
Spanish (NOA) El Vertedero de la Fortaleza The Dump of the Fortress
Spanish (NOE) El vertedero de la fortaleza The dump of the fortress