The Honeyhive's Purple Coins

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The Honeyhive's Purple Coins
Mario in Honeyhive Galaxy collecting Purple Coins.
Location Honeyhive Galaxy
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Honeyhive's Purple Coins is the fifth mission in Honeyhive Galaxy. This mission can only be played when a Purple Comet is in orbit. The goal in this mission is for Mario (or Luigi) to collect 100 Purple Coins scattered about the Starting Planet.


Mario approaching a ledge in Honeyhive Galaxy to grab a Purple Coin.
Mario approaching the ledge to get to the back of the wooden structure.

Mario initially lands on the Starting Planet. Here, there are two rows of Purple Coins, each consisting of five Purple Coins each. After grabbing them all, Mario must head to the perimeter of the planet, where a small ledge is found on which a Purple Coin is found. Mario must then navigate forward to find a gap in the fence, where the continuous stream of Boulders lead to. A Purple Coin is found here that Mario has to Jump to reach. Mario must then navigate to the large structure to the right, find a ledge with a Purple Coin on it, and then navigate to the back of the large structure, where a line of four Purple Coins is found. Following this trail leads to a shaft with three Purple Coins. To grab these, Mario has to Wall Jump. Reaching the top of the shaft, Mario then lands on an elevated platform, where two additional Purple Coins are found. Dropping down from here, Mario must use the nearby swing to obtain another Purple Coin. He then has to navigate to a fountain where five Purple Coins are found. Mario must then find a tall nearby pillar of stone wheels that he must Ground Pound on. Doing so lands him at another Purple Coin. Mario must then Wall Jump upwards to reach an area with a waterfall, behind which two Purple Coins are located. A Warp Pipe is also found here. Entering the Warp Pipe, Mario then emerges nearby the honey-covered platforms. There are eight Purple Coins here. When Mario reaches the area where the Power Star for the mission Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race is found, he can find a 1-Up Mushroom and a ledge with a Purple Coin on it.

Mario climbing a wooden wall in Honeyhive Galaxy, collecting Purple Coins.
Mario collecting Purple Coins on the wall.

From the honey-covered platforms, Mario must then retrace his steps until he can dip down to find another ledge, this one having two Purple Coins and a Warp Pipe. Using this Warp Pipe, Mario emerges atop of the large structure at the beginning of the level. Dropping down here, Mario must Ground Pound at a piece of rock. He must then Spin to reveal a Sproutle Vine. Climbing this Sproutle Vine, Mario lands on another Sproutle Vine. Climbing this Sproutle Vine, he arrives at a Trampoline. Mario must then Ground Pound at the Trampoline, Spin, and then land on the Empty Block. Performing a Somersault here nets Mario another Purple Coin. Mario must then slide down the slope to obtain three more Purple Coins. Returning to the Sproutle Vine and climbing it, Mario must then navigate around the backside of the big tree, netting him another five Purple Coins. Circling around the area, Mario must locate a small puddle of water. On the perimeter of this small puddle of water, three Purple Coins are found. Mario must then find a ground-pound switch around here. Near this ground-pound switch is a thick wooden wall that goes upwards. Climbing upwards here, Mario must grab five more Purple Coins. After ascending the wall, a Wiggler accompanied by another ground-pound switch is found in a circular area. Leaving the circular area, Mario must navigate to a grassy ledge that contains three Purple Coins. Mario must then maneuver himself to the area where Luigi in Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom is found, where two Purple Coins are found. There is also a small puddle of water, above which is another Purple Coin.

Mario falling down onto a set of Blocks to collect some Purple Coins in Honeyhive Galaxy.
Mario falling down to reach some Blocks that have Purple Coins on them.

Returning to the ground-pound switch near the Wiggler, Mario must Ground Pound this switch, revealing a wooden bridge. After crossing the wooden bridge, Mario finds a wooden ground-pound switch. Activating this Switch makes some walls appear. Wall Jumping here gives Mario access to two more Purple Coins and another area. Immediately to the left is a wooden ledge with a Purple Coin on it. Mario must grab this Purple Coin and then fall back down to the area where he accessed the wooden ledge on. To the left-hand side of the small river here, three Purple Coins are found. Mario must then Jump atop another wooden ledge with another Purple Coin on it. Falling down here, Mario must Wall Jump upwards the wooden structure found here to grab three Purple Coins. Moving to the rightmost wooden pillar, Mario must proceed forward, reaching another wooden ledge. Grabbing the three Purple Coins found here, Mario must then fall down to another ledge. Walking along this wooden ledge, Mario must grab an additional eight Purple Coins. After navigating the ledge, Mario appears at a small plateau with a fountain. On the top of the fountain is a Purple Coin, and near the edge of the plateau is a Purple Coin near a Crystal containing Star Bits. Mario must now return to the area with the river. There is a wooden ledge immediately to the left as Mario arrives at the river area, which he must Jump onto. Mario must then fall on top of a series of two large Blocks, each one having one Purple Coin on them. After falling down from the second large Block, Mario must move forward, approaching the honeycomb fence as he does so. Near the honeycomb fence, three Purple Coins are found. Retracing his steps to find a hole, Mario must jump into this hole, landing at a slide. This slide contains the four final Purple Coins. Collecting them all will make a Power Star appear at the beginning of the level.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミツバチ王国おうこくの パープルコイン
Mitsubachi Ōkoku no Pāpuru Koin
Purple Coins in the Honey Bee Kingdom
Chinese 蜜蜂王国的紫色硬币
Mìfēng wángguó de zǐsè yìngbì
Purple Coins of the Honeyhive Kingdom
French (NOA) Les Pièces Violettes du Royaume des Abeilles The Honeyhive Kingdom's Purple Coins
French (NOE) Les pièces violettes du royaume des abeilles The honeyhive kingdom's purple coins
German Lila Münzen der Honigbienen Purple Coins of the Honey Bees
Italian Monete Viola nel Regno Dolceape Purple Coins in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Korean 꿀벌왕국의 퍼플코인
Kkulbeol wangguk ui peopeul koin
Purple Coins in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Spanish Monedas en el Reino de las Abejas Coins in the Bee Kingdom