Battlerock Barrage

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Battlerock Barrage
SMG Coin Screenshot.png
Location Battlerock Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Battlerock Barrage is the first mission of Battlerock Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The objective is to use the saucers around the Battlerock to reach the Power Star.


The player starts on one of six small metallic saucers that have some Goombeetles, Star Bits, and Blue Star Chips that the player needs to collect in order to create Pull Stars to the reach the Launch Star up high. The Launch Star will send Mario to a larger saucer with a defused Jump Beamer that will send Mario up to another saucer above. Spinning on the large screw on top will activate all the defenses of the Battlerock and start moving the saucer Mario is standing on, which is surrounded by Amps. As the saucer moves, the player has to dodge incoming fire and electric rails while moving between the top and bottom halves of the saucer. Touching a ? Coin will cause the rockets to send out a trail of Star Bits. At the end of the line are two larger saucers with cages, Micro Goombas, and Bullet Bills. Guiding the Bullet Bills to a cage will cause the cage to break, allowing the player to collect the reward within. One cage contains the mission's Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大要塞現る!
Kyodai yōsai arawaru!
Huge Fortress, on the Scene!
Spanish (NOA) Una Fortaleza Rocosa A Rocky Fortress
Spanish (NOE) Una fortaleza descomunal A huge fortress
French (NOA) L'Assaut de la Forteresse The Assault of the Fortress
French (NOE) L'assaut de la forteresse The Assault of the Fortress
German Riesenfestung aufgetaucht! Giant Fortress Emerged!
Italian Apparizione della Megaroccia The Battlerock Appears
Korean 거대요새 나타나다!
Geodae Yosae Natanada!
Giant Fortress Appears!
Chinese 巨大要塞出现!
Jùdà yàosài chūxiàn!
Giant Fortress Appears!