Darkness on the Horizon

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Darkness on the Horizon
SMG Dark Matter Plant Gravity Wall.png
Location Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Bowser
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Darkness on the Horizon is the only mission of Bowser's Dark Matter Plant in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the second of three galaxies where Bowser is fought.


The player starts on a small platform next to dark matter and moving platforms. Those platforms will take the player to a group of horizontally moving platforms the player has to cross to avoid falling into the dark matter. Afterward is a two-dimensional platforming room with many moving platforms and changes in gravity; the player has to stand on the right spot of the L-shaped platforms when the gravity changes to progress. Up a pole are moving holes of dark matter that show the player what is coming up. Several large moving platforms ahead will move through dark matter holes that will drop the player into deadly dark matter if they fall through. After the moving platforms is another two-dimensional platforming challenge with moving platforms and gravity changes, though this time there is dark matter that the player can fall into if they aren't careful. The plus-shaped platform moves through different directions of gravity, so the player needs to move accordingly to avoid falling into the dark matter and move on. At the end of the gravity chamber is a lift that will take the player to a tiled platform, and rescuing the Lumas from crystals will cause stairs to appear. Once the player steps onto the circular platform, Bowser will appear and take the player to a planetoid above.

The fight with Bowser.

The method of defeating Bowser is the same as in the last fight: Bowser will jump up and attempt to land on Mario. If Mario is standing on a blue covering, Bowser will destroy it and burn his tail on the lava underneath. Bowser will then start to run around the planet and the player has to spin into his tail when he turns around, followed by spinning again when Bowser's on his back. Each time Bowser gets flipped over, he moves faster along the planet. When flipping him over for the third and final time, Bowser must be hit twice to defeat him and the player will earn the Grand Star.

Bowser's attacks are similar to the last battle. He will begin by sending out three shockwaves the player has to jump over or avoid and Bowser now has a spin attack of his own that he will use when Mario is close by. After attacking him the first time, Bowser will begin blasting fireballs around the planet followed by sending out more shockwaves and spins. Additionally, if the player counters Bowser's spin with their own, Bowser will stop spinning momentarily.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大魔王の野望を阻止せよ!
Daimaō no yabou o soshi seyo!
End Bowser's Evil Ambition!
Spanish (NOA) Oscuridad en el Horizonte Darkness on the Horizon
Spanish (NOE) Frustra la ambición del malvado Thwart the Villain's Ambition
French (NOA) Arrêtez l'Attaque Perfide! Stop the Treacherous Attack!
French (NOE) La fin des ambitions du roi maléfique! The End of the Evil King's Ambitions!
Korean 대마왕의 야망을 저지하라!!
Daemawang-ui yamang-eul jeojihara!!
Stop Great Evil King's Ambition!!
Chinese 阻止大魔王的野心!!
Zǔzhǐ dàmówáng de yěxīn!!
End Great Evil King's Ambition!!