Dark matter

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“The dark matter is eating holes in space! Watch out for those holes, or you'll fall into that dark matter!”
Luma, Super Mario Galaxy
Dark matter has eaten away square-shaped holes in these platforms.
Dark matter in Super Mario Galaxy
Dark matter in Super Mario Galaxy 2

Dark matter is an obstacle in Super Mario Galaxy, which appears in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant. It can be found in patches and has a swirly, purple and black appearance to it; its appearance is similar to poison. In the sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, it is found rarely in the game, appearing in the missions "Boomsday Machine Daredevil Run" in Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker and "Silver Stars in the Purple Pond" in the Cloudy Court Galaxy.

If Mario or Luigi touches any dark matter, they disintegrate and lose a life. Dark matter can also burn holes in the ground that make Mario or Luigi lose a life should they fall into one.

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  • In reality, dark matter is a theoretical substance that takes up a significant portion of the universe and explains how the outer edges of a galaxy move faster than projected in their rotation curve. It does not emit nor absorb a significant level of radiation of any sort, making it difficult to detect.