Dreadnought Galaxy

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Dreadnought Galaxy
A screenshot of Dreadnought Galaxy during the "Revenge of the Topman Tribe" mission from Super Mario Galaxy.
Screenshot of Dreadnought Galaxy during "Revenge of the Topman Tribe".
Area Garden
How to unlock Get 48 stars
Boss(es) Topmaniac
Comet(s) Speedy Comet
Purple Comet
Mission(s) Infiltrating the Dreadnought
Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons
Revenge of the Topman Tribe
Topman Tribe Speed Run
Battlestation's Purple Coins
Dreadnought's Garbage Dump
Music track(s) Battlerock Galaxy
Space Fantasy
Space Athletic
A Tense Moment
King Kaliente
Speedy Comet
Purple Comet
Aquatic Race
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.Smg icon speedycomet.pngSmg icon purplecomet.pngPower Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.
Galaxy icon The Dreadnought

The Dreadnought Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The galaxy is a mechanical, technologically advanced battle station. Topmaniac, the leader of the Topman Tribe, is fought here again. The galaxy reuses several elements from the aforementioned Battlerock Galaxy, such as cannons, Space Mines, and other battle operations, as well as music, but is based in and around a massive, stationary starship known as "The Dreadnought", and has the same background as Good Egg Galaxy. The name "Dreadnought" comes from a real-life type of battleship. This is the only galaxy in the game to have different starting planets for every mission.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

The Dreadnought[edit]

The Dreadnought.

The Dreadnought is the spaceship that makes up most of the Dreadnought Galaxy. It has cannons and spikes that can damage Mario, causing him to lose one Health Point. At the top of the Dreadnought, there is a pool of water. There are also Springs and Pull Stars littered all over.

Beam Planet[edit]

Mario on the Beam Planet

The Beam Planet is a planet shaped like an hourglass that is full of Eye Beamers and other electrical hazards that spin around it. At the opposite end is a Launch Star that Mario must get to by jumping on a spring.

The Dreadnought (Inside)[edit]

Mario inside the ship's main core.

The entrance has three Goombeetles and a Warp Pipe. The inside portion is a side-scrolling area with hazards such as Amps, Cannons, and moving walls. At the end is another Warp Pipe. The gravity of this area can be changed with Arrow Switches, which are necessary to proceed through the area. In the purple coins mission, after collecting the last purple coin, they land here, while the Goombeetles and the entrance pipe (along with its case) were replaced by a Gearmo who awards the player a star if he/she collects all of the purple coins.

Tower Planet[edit]

Mario on the Tower Planet.

The Tower Planet is a planet consisting of various cylinders that fall when Mario gets to a higher level. On the top parts are a pair of moving walls and a Launch Star.

Blue Cube Planet[edit]

Eye Beamers in Dreadnought Galaxy
Mario on the Blue Cube Planet.

This Blue Cube Planet has Eye Beamers and a Sling Star to the Aqua Planet.

Aqua Planet[edit]

Mario riding on an robot turtle.
Some electric lights in Dreadnought Galaxy.
Some electric lights on the Aqua Planet

The Aqua Planet is a medium-sized planet with a Bill Blaster and several Goombeetles. There is a vault that when broken, floods the planet, which is necessary to complete the level. There are also a lot of platforms with Eye Beamers whose lasers move across the water and a pair of robot turtles that take Mario from platform to platform. Above it is a small cubical planetoid. Some metallic structures are above the water, and one of them has a Power Star.

Mini Chomp Path[edit]

Mario avoiding multiple Mini Chomp.
Mario on the Bolt Lift.

This area has three parts. In the first part is a Bolt Lift that moves forward or backwards depending on how much weight is on it. Beneath it is a green platform with Bob-ombs. The second part has several Flipswitch Panels which Mario must press by avoiding the Mini Chomps that constantly fall from the dog shacks. If he presses them all, Mario can access the third part. In this part are two more screws and two Roctos that must be defeated, causing a Launch Star to appear.

Cannon Fleet Path[edit]

Mario avoiding electric bars in the Cannon Fleet Path.

This is a section on the side of the Dreadnought which consists of several platforms of different sizes that travel along a path. There are obstacles such as cannons and electric currents. At the end is a Power Star.


Mario on the UFO.

The upper part of this UFO has a Spring Topman and the lower part has a Warp Pipe that leads to the Garbage Dump. The Topman is needed to reach a Sling Star above.

Ammo Depot[edit]

Mario near some Bob-ombs on the Garbage Dump.

This is a planet shaped like half a sphere. It is inhabited by a Gearmo that cleans the garbage. There are also some Bob-ombs that Mario must use to blow up the garbage in order to obtain a Power Star from the Gearmo.

Sphere Planet[edit]

Mario on the Sphere Planet.

This planet has several cylinder structures sticking out. Mario must knock two Spiky Topmen into an electrical barrier to free a trapped Luma. After being freed, the Luma will transform into a Sling Star that will lead Mario to the Cube Planet.

Cube Planet[edit]

Mario near some star chips.

This is a small planet shaped like a cube. There is a Ground Pound switch that makes five blue Star Chips appear. A Spring Topman is also found here, as well as a Spiky Topman in the "Topman Tribe Speed Run" level. The player must use the Spring Topman to get one of the Star Chips here.

Artillery Walls[edit]

Mario navigating through the Artillery Walls.

The Artillery Walls are two walls that face each other located in the Dreadnought. The cannons shoot Cannonballs, and there are Pull Stars in the middle. There are also Space Mines in the way that can be taken out with a Star Bit. Mario has to avoid the cannonballs while traveling by them.

Landing Platform[edit]

Mario on the Landing Platform.

This is a long, zigzagging landing platform with Montys, Treasure Chests and Ring Beamers that shoot electric waves at Mario. White circles around the Ring Beamers indicate how far out from the center the electric waves can go. Near the end of the platform is a Launch Star. There is also a Koopa Troopa whose shell can be used to break open the treasure chests to collect their contents.

Topmaniac's UFO[edit]

Mario on Topmaniac's UFO.

This UFO is similar to the one in Battlerock Galaxy, except the electric rods are red instead of green and can move. There are a lot of Spiky Topmen in it, and there are also many electric currents that block Mario's path. At the top is Topmaniac, waiting to be fought.



Level Image Summary
Infiltrating the Dreadnought SMG Dreadnought Tower.png This mission's objective is to navigate through the Dreadnought.
Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons SMG Colossal Cannons Platform.png This mission's objective is to dodge cannons fired from the Dreadnought.
Revenge of the Topman Tribe Topman This mission's objective is to defeat Topmaniac.
Topman Tribe Speed Run Topman Tribe Speed Run This mission's objective is to complete Revenge of the Topman Tribe within a time limit.
Battlestation's Purple Coins Battlestation's Purple Coins This mission's objective is to collect all the Purple Coins in the Dreadnought.
Dreadnought's Garbage Dump SMG Dreadnought Garbage Dump.png This mission's objective is to blow up garbage with Bob-ombs.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャノンフリートギャラクシー
Kyanon Furīto Gyarakushī
Cannon Fleet Galaxy
Chinese 大炮舰队银河
Dàpào jiànduì yínhé
Cannon Fleet Galaxy
French (NOA) Cuirassé Battleship
French (NOE) Flotte armée Armed fleet
German Kanonenflotte-Galaxie Cannon Fleet Galaxy
Italian Galassia Razzo Flotta Rocket Fleet Galaxy
Korean 캐논 플리트 갤럭시
Kaenon Peulliteu Galleoksi
Cannon Fleet Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia de la Flota de Cañones Cannon Fleet Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Flota de Cañones Fleet of Cannons Galaxy


  • The UFO in this galaxy resembles the one Bowser uses to remove Peach's Castle from its foundation and into outer space in the opening cutscene.