Infiltrating the Dreadnought

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Infiltrating the Dreadnought
SMG Dreadnought Galaxy Electric Lights.png
Location Dreadnought Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Infiltrating the Dreadnought is the first mission of the Dreadnought Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.


Mario riding on an Ocean Small Turtle.

The player starts on the hourglass-shaped Beam Planet surrounded Eye Beamers whose laser beams will damage Mario. Moving to the top of the planet, the player can use a Jump Beamer as a spring to reach a Launch Star, which will send the player to a small area with three Goombeetles. Defeating all three Goombeetles will open up a Warp Pipe that leads into the Dreadnought. In this two-dimensional platforming section, the player has to Wall Jump up moving walls and avoid getting squashed by rising platforms. Spinning the arrow at the end will flip the gravity to allow the player to walk on the wall, where the player then has to avoid the same rising platforms by Wall Jumping up them at the proper times. Then, the player has to avoid cannonballs and flip another arrow to change the gravity to the ceiling. Using a springboard, the player has to time a jump through two walls and avoid the cannonballs, then use two Jump Beamers to reach a Warp Pipe, leading outside of the Dreadnought.

The Warp Pipe will take the player to a Tower Planet with Bob-ombs and Topmen. Using the Topmen as springs, the player has to climb up the rotating tower and Wall Jump up two walls as they rise to reach a Launch Star. Upon landing on the next planet, electric beams will become active. The Sling Star on the opposite side will take the player to the next planet where the player has to lead a Bullet Bill to a cage that is blocking the flow of water. Breaking the cage will cause the planet to fill with water and Eye Beamers will start to search the planet. The player has to use platform side of the Eye Beamers to navigate around the planet, eventually leading to the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビーム!ビーム!ビーム!
Bīmu! Bīmu! Bīmu!
Beam! Beam! Beam!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Rayos, rayos y más rayos! Beams, beams and more beams!
French (NOE) Lasers en pagaille Lasers in shambles
German Strahl!Strahl!Strahl! Beam!Beam!Beam!
Italian Laser! Laser! Laser! Laser! Laser! Laser!
Korean 빔! 빔! 빔!
Bim! Bim! Bim!
Beam! Beam! Beam!