When It Rains, It Pours

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When It Rains, It Pours
An Undergrunt Gunner shoots at Bee Mario
Location Gold Leaf Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Undergrunt Gunner
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When It Rains, It Pours is the third and final regular mission of Gold Leaf Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. There are many clouds here, some of which are rain-clouds. This level features the Bee Mushroom. This level involves Mario (or Luigi) manoeuvring an obstacle course that ends with a boss battle against a Undergrunt Gunner. The name is based on the idiom "when it rains, it pours," which means that misfortunes or difficult situations tend to follow each other in rapid succession or to arrive all at the same time.


Mario first lands on the Reverse Kingdom Planet. From here, he must make his way forward until he finds a large structure to his left with a swing attached to it. Once there, he should use the swing to grab a Bee Mushroom sitting atop a rain-cloud. Alternatively, he can go to the left to find a pathway behind the structure. When there, he should wall jump his way up to the top of the large structure. Whilst there, he can now grab the Bee Mushroom. Once Mario has grabbed the Bee Mushroom, he should fall off the platform and navigate some flowers. There is a rain-cloud found here and if Mario is showered with water, he loses the Bee Suit. To avoid this, Mario has to fly around the rain that the rain-cloud generates. Once Mario has passed this area, he is then taken to a wooden walkway, where he can find a Mandibug charging at him if he approaches too closely. Here, Mario should use the swing above him to flutter to a set of three clouds, that have to be fluttered between, that take him to a new platform. Alternatively, Mario can also navigate the wooden walkway to reach a gap. Flying over this gap lands him at the same place as if he chose to take the path with the three clouds earlier. Here, Mario arrives at another wooden walkway. This wooden walkway is thinner and suspended high above ground. There are more Mandibugs found here. Negotiating the platform and the enemies, Mario reaches a Trampoline that when ground pounded on takes him to a swing attached to a tree.

Using this swing takes him to a circular path with rain-clouds surveying the area. To the left is a crystal containing a Bee Mushroom. There are platforms here that act like roofs. Mario should stand beneath these platforms to avoid being showered with rain. Moving to the right, Mario finds a platform that he should fly to reach. On this new platform is a Trampoline that should be used to access a new platform. From here, Mario should fly to the left to access another platform. Upon arriving here, a cloud appears. Riding this cloud whilst dodging rain-clouds, Mario arrives at a new platform. This platform has a breakable stone block on it. Breaking this stone block causes a Sproutle Vine to appear. Climbing this vine makes Mario reach the final area of the mission where the Undergrunt Gunner is fought. The Undergrunt Gunner is placed on a small pedestal elevated from the ground. This Undergrunt Gunner shoots bubbles that send Mario to the perimeter of the circular area. If Mario is in his Bee Suit whilst being hit with a bubble, he loses the power-up. There are two strategies to fighting this boss. If Mario has the Bee Suit, he can fly to reach the Undergrunt Gunner's cap and do damage that way. However, if Mario does not have the Bee Suit, he can opt to activate a switch that temporarily raises some platforms, allowing Mario to access the Undergrunt Gunner's weak point. Ground pounding the Undergrunt Gunner three times makes the Power Star of the mission appear. Collecting the Power Star ends the mission.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドキドキ ウッドロード
Dokidoki uddo rōdo
Heart-Pounding Wood Road
Chinese 危机重重的树木小径
Wēijīchóngchóng de shùmù xiǎojìng
Dangerous Wood Trail
French (NOA) Jamais Deux Sans Trois Never Two Without Three
French (NOE) L'oppressant chemin forestier The Opressive Forest Road
German Herzklopf-Waldweg Heartbeat Forest Path
Italian Strada Pelle d'Oca Goose-Bumps Road
Korean 두근두근 우드 로드
Doogeundoogeun udeu rodeu
Heart-Pounding Wood Road
Spanish (NOA) En Este Bosque Llueve a Cántaros In this Forest It Rains Cats and Dogs
Spanish (NOE) En este bosque llueve a cántaros In this forest it rains cats and dogs