Honeyclimb Galaxy

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Not to be confused with Honeyhive Galaxy.
Honeyclimb Galaxy
Honeyclimb Galaxy.png
Area Bedroom
How to unlock Get 42 stars
Mission(s) Scaling the Sticky Wall
Stars Star
Galaxy icon The Honeycomb Wall Planet, the Second Honeycomb Wall Planet, and the Third Honeycomb Wall Planet

The Honeyclimb Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This galaxy is made up entirely out of honey walls, which contain groups of giant floating honeycombs. This is one of the three bee-themed galaxies, the other two being the Honeyhive Galaxy and the Gold Leaf Galaxy. This is the only bee-themed galaxy that is a bonus galaxy, does not feature Honeybees, and uses the arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. 3 athletic theme ("Blue Sky Athletic") for its music instead of the Honeyhive Galaxy's theme.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

First Honeycomb Wall Planet (Starting Planet)[edit]

Honey walls

The Honeycomb Wall Planet is a gigantic honeycomb wall which Mario starts on in the Honeyclimb Galaxy. There is a Bee Mushroom in a crystal which will turn Mario or Luigi into Bee Mario or Bee Luigi. Bee Mario/Luigi must climb the honey wall to go up to the top where there is a Launch Star that will lead to the Second Honeycomb Wall Planet. This wall has many Star Bits and about halfway up there is a moving platform which Mario must time right to land on.

Second Honeycomb Wall Planet[edit]

SMG Second Honey Wall.png

The Second Honeycomb Wall Planet is the second honeycomb wall appearing in this galaxy. It can only be reached by using a Launch Star from the Honeycomb Wall Planet. The basic idea of the Honeycomb Wall Planet continues on this planet with there being multiple honey walls which Mario must scale to get to the Launch Star on top and get to the third set of honey walls. The only difference between the first wall and the second wall is the fact that the second wall has several meteors coming down from above at several intervals which Mario must either avoid or fly above to keep safe. Unlike in most situations, Mario will fall into the black hole if he gets struck by a meteor.

Third Honeycomb Wall Planet[edit]

SMG Third Honey Wall.png

The Third Honeycomb Wall Planet is the third and final planet in the Honeyclimb Galaxy. This honeycomb wall is just like the first two walls with the differences being that there is no Launch Star at the top of this wall and instead of Meteors there are several Mandibugs stationed at some intervals along the wall to hit Mario and knock him off towards the ground. The very top of this final wall has the Power Star of the level.



This galaxy consists of only the following mission.

Level Image Summary
Scaling the Sticky Wall Honeyclimb Galaxy This mission's objective is to climb the large wall as Bee Mario/Luigi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハニークライムギャラクシー
Hanī Kuraimu Gyarakushī
Honey Climb Galaxy

Chinese 蜂蜜墙壁攀爬银河
Fēngmì qiángbì pānpá yínhé
Honey Wall Climbing Galaxy

French (NOA) Ruche d'Escalade
Climbing Hive
French (NOE) Ruche d'escalade
Climbing Hive
German Honigkraxel-Galaxie
Honey-Clamber Galaxy
Italian Galassia Dolce Arrampicata
Sweet Climb Galaxy
Korean 허니 클라임 갤럭시
Heoni Keullaim Gaelleoksi
Honey Climb Galaxy

Spanish (NOA) Galaxia de la Escalada de Miel
Honey Climb Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Panal Empalagoso
Cloying Honeycomb Galaxy