Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble

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Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble
Location Gusty Garden Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble is the third mission of the Gusty Garden Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to navigate a structure where gravity is in flux.


Disk Planets Underside.png

Like with the previous missions, the player starts on the starting planet and has to use the Floaty Fluffs to move between from one planet to the next. On the next planet, the player has to defeat a Piranha Plant to cause a vine to grow, which will allow the player to reach the above planet. Again, the player must defeat a Piranha Planet to cause a vine to grow, though this one will send Mario into a Launch Star to reach a planet with several boulders. On the opposite end of the planet is a Launch Star that will take the player to three large disks where they need to collect five Star Chips while avoiding Amps.

The Launch Star that appears upon collecting the Star Chips will take the player to a large structure made up of several moving blocks. The player has to spin into arrows to change the flow of gravity, indicated by the platforms with an exclamation point on them; dark areas and platforms with a question mark indicate where gravity is not active. The player needs to constantly change the flow of gravity to navigate the structure while avoiding cannonballs and blocks that can push Mario over the edge. At the end of the structure is the Power Star, trapped in a large crystal.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビックリボックスと ハテナ回廊かいろう
Bikkuri bokkusu to hatena kairō
Exclamation Boxes and Question Corridor

Chinese !箱与?回廊
! Xiāng yǔ ? Huíláng
!-Box and ?-Corridor

French (NOA) Le Chaos Gravitationnel des Jardins Venteux
Gusty Garden's Gravitational Chaos
French (NOE) Chaos gravitationnel des jardins venteux
Gusty Garden's Gravitational Chaos
German Wo die Schwerkraft hinfällt
Where the Gravity Falls
Italian Gravità Folle nel Giardin Ventoso
Crazy Gravity in the Gusty Garden
Korean 깜짝 박스와 궁금한 길
Kkamjjak bakseu wa gunggeumhan gil
Exclamatory Box and Questionary Corridor

Spanish (NOA) Pasillos y Bloques
Corridors and Blocks
Spanish (NOE) Pasillos ? y bloques !
?-Corridors and !-blocks