Surfing 101

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Surfing 101
The start of the Loopdeeloop Galaxy
Location Loopdeeloop Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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“Around here, we surf on rays. I'm serious. We call it ray surfing. That's what we do.”
Penguin, Super Mario Galaxy

Surfing 101 is the only mission found in Loopdeeloop Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This is one of two missions in the entire game that involve ray surfing, the other one being found in a Trial Galaxy named Loopdeeswoop Galaxy.


Mario (or Luigi) lands on the Starting planet. From this point, Mario finds some Penguins scattered about the Starting planet. He must find Coach here and talk to him, who in turn introduces Mario to ray surfing. Mario then has to follow a straight path that is encircled in many colorful rings. There is also a line of coins found here. After reaching the end of the straight path, Mario then appears at the Loopdeeloop planet in the middle of a Shine Sprite-looking gate. A countdown starting on three is initiated, and after the countdown is over, a timer is initiated and Mario has to surf the entire course one lap around. If Mario falls off the path, or if three minutes elapse, he loses an extra life. There are multiple coins and 1-Up Mushrooms found on this racecourse. After completing the race by surfing through the Shine Sprite-looking gate, the timer stops and Mario appears on the Prize planet. Coach then congratulates Mario on his achievement, giving him the Power Star of the mission.

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レッツ サーフィン!
Rettsu sāfin!
Let's Surfing!

Chinese 来冲浪吧!
Lái chōnglàng ba!
Come and surf!

French (NOA) Le Surf Élémentaire: Bonnes Vibrations
Elementary Surfing: Good Vibrations
French (NOE) Bonnes vibrations
Good Vibrations
German Lass uns surfen!
Let us surf!
Italian A Tutto Surf!
Go full Surf!
Korean 렛츠 서핑!
Retcheu seoping!
Let's surf!

Spanish (NOA) Clase de Surf
Surf Class
Spanish (NOE) ¡A surfear!
Let's surf!