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Not to be confused with Sweet Sweet Canyon.
Sweet Sweet Galaxy
SMG Sweet Sweet End.png
Mario in the Sweet Sweet Galaxy 
Area Terrace 
How to unlock Get 7 stars and then feed the Hungry Luma outside the Terrace 400 Star Bits 
Level(s) Rocky Road 
Stars Star 
Galaxy Icon None
Banktoad, Super Mario Galaxy

The Sweet Sweet Galaxy, originally known as the Cookie Factory Galaxy[1], is one of the galaxies that Mario traverses in Super Mario Galaxy. It appears after the Hungry Luma next to the Terrace has been fed 400 Star Bits. It features moving platforms with cookie-cutter-shaped holes in them and appears to be made up primarily of titanic sweets and desserts. It takes place in the atmosphere of a planet, so if Mario falls through a hole, he will fall and lose a life. The stage also has Electric Fences which have to be jumped over; if Mario touches one, he will get stunned temporarily and lose one point of health. This galaxy is one of very few galaxies that has no enemies at all.

There are many inaccessible planets in this galaxy, and if the player uses cheat codes and flies to the sweets like cakes, ice cream, etc., they will discover the objects aren't solid.


Hole Belt Conveyer Planet[edit]

Mario on the Hole Belt Conveyer Planet.

The Hole Belt Conveyer Planet[2] is a large planet takes up a majority of the Galaxy. Mario starts off here as he enters the galaxy. Mario starts off on a platform that appears to be small square slice of cake. Mario must make his way across the Hole Belt Conveyer Parts to make it to the main parts of the planet. When Mario reaches the end, he goes to a small layer cake platform where the Power Star is located. It has three layers that appear to be vanilla, mint chocolate and strawberry. It has a circle of strawberries that Mario can spin to get several Star Bits.

Hole Belt Conveyer Parts[edit]

The Hole Belt Conveyer Parts[3] are the moving, cookie cutter platforms that Mario must traverse through.


Mario with the cake visible in the background.

A large, three-layer cake with the Power Star on top serves as the end of the Galaxy. Yellow Toad can be found sleeping on the cake's middle layer, along with a ring of Star Bits.


This galaxy consists of only the following mission:

Level Image Summary
Rocky Road SMG Sweet Sweet Canyon.png A multitude of moving platforms with holes have to be navigated to complete this mission.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイーツファクトリーギャラクシー
Suītsu Fakutorī Gyarakushī
Sweets Factory Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia de Fábrica de Dulces Candy Factory Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Fábrica de Dulces Candy Factory Galaxy
French (NOA) Fabrique de Gâteaux Cake Factory
French (NOE) Fabrique de gâteaux Cake Factory
German Keksfabrik-Galaxie Cookie-Factory Galaxy
Italian Galassia Golosona Sweeties Galaxy
Korean 스위트 팩토리 갤럭시
Seuwiteu Paektori Gaelleoksi
Sweets Factory Galaxy
Chinese 蛋糕工厂银河
Dàngāo gōngchǎng yínhé
Cake Factory Galaxy


  • This galaxy is intended as a flashback to the mechanics of past Mario games to remind long-term fans that the unorthodox Super Mario Galaxy is still a part of the series.[4]
  • This galaxy can be accessed without using the pink Launch Star left behind by the Hungry Luma via a glitch: after talking to the Hungry Luma to make the Launch Star appear, Flying Mario can be used to access the portal instead.
  • The music for the Sweet Sweet Galaxy is a cover of the athletic theme from Super Mario Bros. 3. This cover is also used as the athletic theme in Super Mario 3D Land.


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