The Underground Ghost Ship

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This article is about the mission in Super Mario Galaxy. For the level in Super Mario World, see Sunken Ghost Ship.
The Underground Ghost Ship
The Underground Ghost Ship 1.png
Location Deep Dark Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Kamella
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The Underground Ghost Ship is the first mission of the Deep Dark Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to navigate to a ghost ship and fight Kamella.


The fight with Kamella.

The player starts on the main beach planet with Crabbers and a cannon. In order to open the gate to the left and continue, the player has to use the cannon to reach a small brown planet with many Octoguys and a Fire Flower. Grabbing the Fire Flower, the player must use a Sling Star to quickly return to the main planet and light both torches next to the gate, which will open it, before the Fire Flower power-up wears off. The gate will lead the player to an area filled with water. Diving underwater, the player will find a group of Star Bits aligned in the shape of an arrow, at the end of which is a Lever Switch that will lower a gate in front of it when activated. Moving up, the player will find another gate; activating the switch near it will open the gate, allowing the player to surface at a ghost ship. By climbing onto the deck of the ghost ship, Kamella will appear and challenge the player to a fight.

Kamella will attack by sending out either red or green magic bursts. The red magic will turn into a fireball upon landing on the ship and the green magic will turn into a Green Shell. Grabbing the Green Shell and throwing it back at Kamella will damage her and she will begin moving around the ship. Damaging her a second time will cause her to move up to the crow's nest above, and she will call up two Magikoopas to aid her. Throwing two more Green Shells at her will defeat her, rewarding the player with the Power Star.


Mario navigating his way through Jammyfish.

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 幽霊船ゆうれいせん呪術師じゅじゅつしをたおせ!
Yūreisen no jujutsushi o taose!
Defeat the Ghost Ship's Necromancer!
Chinese 打败幽灵船的巫师!
Dǎbài yōulíng chuán de wūshī!
Defeat the Witch on the Ghost Ship!
French La sorcière du vaisseau fantôme The Witch of the Ghost Ship
German Der Zauberer auf dem Geisterschiff The Witch on the Ghost Ship
Italian Nave Spettrale Magica Magic Spectral Ship
Korean 유령선의 주술사를 물리쳐라!
Yuryeongseonui jusulsareul mullichyeora!
Defeat the Necromancer in the Ghost Ship!
Spanish (NOA) El Buque Fantasma Bajo Tierra The Ghost Ship Underground
Spanish (NOE) El nigromante del buque fantasma The necromancer of the ghost ship