Plunder the Purple Coins

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Plunder the Purple Coins
Plunder the Purple Coins 1.png
Location Deep Dark Galaxy
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Plunder the Purple Coins is the fifth mission of the Deep Dark Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Until its completion, this mission can only be done while a Purple Comet is in orbit. This Purple Coin mission does not have a time limit.


Plunder the Purple Coins 2.png

One hundred Purple Coins are scattered both on the ghost ship and the area surrounding it. Purple Coins are placed underwater behind the player's starting position, underneath the ghost ship, and on the ledges next to the ship as well. Once all of the Purple Coins are collected, the Power Star will appear on the ship.


It is possible to see the outside through hacking. There are several peculiarities that imply that this mission was originally intended to require collecting Purple Coins around the whole area instead of just the ghost ship:

  • Most of the objects are gone or misplaced.
    • The Warp Pipe that normally leads to the secret room instead leads to the Boo Box.
  • The entire group of Toads are present, even though they are also in the Ghost Ship area.
    • The Yellow Toad is present at the start of the galaxy. He is working on the cannon, which is normally what the Green Toad does in the Sea Slide Galaxy. If the player talks to him, a giant empty speech bubble appears.
    • Captain Toad can also be found. If the player talks to him, he says the Green Toad's normal speech.
    • Next to the Captain Toad is the Mailtoad, who says his normal speech. Even though he is not underwater, he sounds as if he is.
    • Inside the Boo Box is the Blue Toad. He stands on air, and does not have glasses. If the player gets close to him, a small empty speech bubble appears.
    • Back on the starting planet is the Green Toad who is dancing where the Blue Toad stood in Bubble Blastoff. If the player talks to him, a giant empty speech bubble appears.
  • Next to the Green Toad are three poles. One of them is tilted at an angle and does not go anywhere.
  • An Amp is present, which is not present in any other mission.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 幽霊船ゆうれいせんの パープルコイン
Yūreisen no pāpuru koin
Purple Coins on the Ghost Ship
Chinese 幽灵船的紫色硬币
Yōulíng chuán de zǐsè yìngbì
Purple Coins on the Ghost Ship
French (NOA) Pillez les Piéces Violettes! Plunder the Purple Coins!
French (NOE) Les pièces violettes du vaisseau fantôme The purple coins on the ghost ship
German Lila Münzen auf dem Geisterschiff Purple Coins on the Ghost Ship
Italian Monete Viola sulla Nave Spettrale Purple Coins on the Spectral Ship
Korean 유령선의 퍼플코인
Yuryeongseonui peopeulkoin
Purple Coins in the Ghost Ship
Spanish (NOA) Las Monedas en el Buque Fantasma The Coins on the Ghost Ship
Spanish (NOE) Monedas en el buque fantasma Coins on the ghost ship