Fast Foes of Toy Time

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Fast Foes of Toy Time
Fast Foes of Toy Time
Location Toy Time Galaxy
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Fast Foes of Toy Time is the fourth mission of the Toy Time Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Until its completion, this mission can only be done while a Fast Foe Comet is in orbit. Additionally, the player has to have completed The Flipswitch Chain hidden mission already. This is the only Prankster Comet mission in both Super Mario Galaxy games that is based on a secret mission. Because of this, it is located on the mission select screen before the mission it is based on.


The player starts on the Chain Planet. Like with The Flipswitch Chain mission, the player needs to activate all of the Flipswitch Panels around the planet, though this time, the Tox Boxes and moving platforms are moving much faster. Once all the switches have been flipped to green, the Power Star will appear on an orange cube on the bottom side of the planets. When the Power Star appears, the spiked platforms will stop moving, but the Tox Boxes will continue.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クイックモード! 連鎖惑星れんさわくせいのフリップパネル
Kuikku mōdo! Rensa wakusei no Furippu Paneru
Quick mode! Flip Panels on Chain Planet

Chinese 快速模式!连锁行星的翻转板
Kuàisù móshì! Liánsuǒ xíngxīng de fānzhuǎn bǎn
Fast mode! Flip Board on Chain Planets

French (NOA) Les Ennemis Rapides du Coffre à Jouets (À Toute Vitesse)
The Fast Enemies of the Toy Chest (At Full Speed)
French (NOE) Les dalles réversibles des planètes enchaînées (à toute vitesse)
The reversible slabs of the chained planets (at full speed)
German Tempo-Modus! Umdrehböden
Fast Mode! Revolving Shelves
Italian Modalità Rapida! Pannelli Alternati!
Fast mode! Alternating panels!
Korean 스피드 모드! 줄줄이 행성의 플립패널
Seupideu modeu! Juljuri haengseong-ui peullippaeneol
Speed Mode! Flip Panels on Chain Planet

Spanish (NOA) ¡Modo rápido! ¡Paneles Giratorios!
Fast mode! Revolving Panels!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Modo rápido! Paneles iracundos
Fast mode! Irate panels