Castle Gardens

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This article is about the starting area in Super Mario Galaxy. For the area around the Fawfulized Peach's Castle in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, see Peach's Castle Garden.
Castle Gardens
The Castle Gardens during the centennial Star Festival

The Castle Gardens are the first playable section of Super Mario Galaxy. They are located directly outside Peach's Castle and are the site of the Star Festival. The area is innhabited by Toads and is lined with various buildings, lampposts with star-shaped lights, and a fountain. The area is also decorated with blue flags depicting stars, which are hung from lampposts, and multicolor banners featuring pictures of Mushrooms, strung from the top of buildings to lampposts to treetops.

Toad Town is invaded
The Castle Gardens are invaded by Bowser's army.

At the beginning of the game in the Castle Gardens, Mario can collect some of the Star Bits. Shortly, the Castle Gardens are attacked by Bowser and his airship fleet, causing some Toads to flee and others to be trapped in Crystals. Mario goes to the castle to rescue Princess Peach, but she is abducted by Bowser, and Mario is blasted by Kamek to the Gateway Galaxy. Following this, the Castle Gardens are inaccessible for the remainder of the main storyline.

After the world has been reformed, however, Mario, Bowser, and Princess Peach, along with various other characters encountered in the game, awake in the Castle Gardens. The final level, the Grand Finale Galaxy, which is unlocked by collecting all 120 Power Stars as both Mario and Luigi, takes place in the Castle Gardens. In the level, Mario or Luigi can collect the 100 Purple Coins to make the final Power Star appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチ[1]
Pīchi Jō
Peach Castle

French (NOE) Jardins du château
Castle's Garden


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