Bob-omb Blasting

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Mario must blow up all this garbage to get the star
The minigame in action in the Battlerock Galaxy
“This is the AMMO DEPOT, not a GARBAGE DUMP! What, do people think they can just toss their trash here and it'll magically disappear? Heyyyy... we have plenty of bombs. Maybe you could use them to blow up all this trash?”
Gearmo, Super Mario Galaxy

Bob-omb Blasting is one of two minigames found in Super Mario Galaxy, the other one being ray surfing. It appears in the Battlerock Galaxy and the Dreadnought Galaxy, and it involves the use of multiple Bob-omb dispensers. When Mario (or Luigi) arrives on the small planet that the minigame takes place on, he is told by a furious Gearmo that people have been dumping trash in the ammo depot, which is supposed to be clean. Mario therefore has to use Bob-ombs to blow up all of the trash in under 30 seconds. The Bob-ombs take a full ten seconds to explode, and the tiny lamps on the ground mark good places to throw them. When the player successfully blows up all of the trash on the planet, the Gearmo rewards them with a Power Star. Unlike in most minigames, failing this minigame does not result in the loss of a life. Instead, the player is simply told that they need to do the task faster.

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