Bee Mushroom

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Bee Mushroom
SMG BeeSuit.jpg
A Mushroom with a bee's yellow and brown stripes over its cap.

First Appearance

Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Latest Appearance

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Effect on Player

Turns Mario or Luigi into Bee Mario or Bee Luigi.

“What's that? A striped mushroom? I've never seen one of those before! You, uhh... Yeah. Have fun with your unusual toy there. I ain't judging!”
Lubba, Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Bee Mushroom is a yellow mushroom with brown stripes on the cap which acts as a power-up in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2. The mushroom is first found in the Honeyhive Galaxy after collecting a ? Coin. It is also found in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Honeybloom Galaxy. Once Mario or Luigi collect the Power-up they will become Bee Mario or Bee Luigi and will then be able to fly for a limited time, climb honeycomb walls and cling to the Queen Bee. Bee Mario is also uniquely capable of standing on flowers and clouds. By collecting a coin, Bee Mario and Bee Luigi can fly a little longer. If Mario or Luigi touch water when they have on their Bee Suit, they will go back to their normal form. It also appears in the Honeyclimb Galaxy, Gold Leaf Galaxy, Sea Slide Galaxy and Sand Spiral Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, it appears in the Honeybloom Galaxy and the Honeyhop Galaxy. Also, once Mario or Luigi gets 120 Power Stars, a Bee Mushroom will appear in the Tall Trunk Galaxy in the ending credits.


  • If the player uses completely the Bee mushroom at the Freezy Flake Galaxy in the credits, right when the scene switches, the player can possibly lose a life. This can be considered a glitch.