Bumble Beginnings

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Bumble Beginnings
Bee Mario in Honeybloom Galaxy near several Spindleburrs and a Trapdragon.
Location Honeybloom Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Bumble Beginnings is the first mission of the Honeybloom Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The mission gets its name from combining the stereotypical beginning to biographies, "humble beginnings", with the bumblebee.


Upon entering the galaxy, Mario finds some Bees searching for their Queen Bee's Power Star. Once Mario progresses a bit more, he finds a Bee Mushroom. To complete this mission, he must make his way to the end of the Honeybloom Planet using his Bee form to stand on clouds, cross gaps, and bounce off grapes. He then must use a Sproutle Vine to reach the Log Wood Planet, where he must dodge Spindleburrs, Choppahs, and Trapdragons. When he reaches the end of this planet's sidescrolling section, Mario finds the Power Star above a cloud guarded by a Choppah. After getting the Power Star, a Bee sends Mario a letter containing a 1-Up Mushroom congratulating him for finding the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 進め! ハチマリオ!
Susume! Hachi Mario!
進め! ハチルイージ!
Susume! Hachi Ruīji!

Onward! Bee Mario/Luigi!

Chinese 前進! 蜜蜂瑪利歐!
Qiánjìn! Mìfēng Mǎlì'ōu!
前進! 蜜蜂路易吉!
Qiánjìn! Mìfēng Lùyìjí!

Onward! Bee Mario/Luigi!

French Abeilles et merveilles
Bees and marvels
German Summ summ summ, Jungbiene Mario!
Buzz around, young Bee Mario!
Italian Vola, Vola, Vola l'Ape Mario/Luigi
Fly, Fly, Fly Bee Mario/Luigi, possibly a reference to a verse of the Italian theme song of Maya the Honey Bee
Spanish ¡Las mieles de Mario/Luigi!
Mario's/Luigi's honeys