C'mere, Topman

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C'mere, Topman
SMG2 Space Storm Cmere Topman.png
Location Space Storm Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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C'mere, Topman is the hidden third mission of the Space Storm Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission takes place during the Follow Me, Bob-omb mission. The mission will become available after the player beats Silver Stars Pop-Up in the Boo Moon Galaxy, and when the player receives a letter from the silver Gearmo, given by the Mailtoad. This mission is similar to the C'mere, Goomba mission in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy earlier in the game.


The player must replay the first mission up to the Topman Planet. Near the end of the planet, the player can find Gearmo, who asks the player to lure a Spiky Topman to him in exchange for a Power Star. In order to do so, the player needs to first break the large cage with a Bob-omb to open the path, then return to the start of the planet where the Spiky Topmen are found. The player needs to lure a Topman to Gearmo, avoiding knocking the Topman into an electric barrier, off the ledge, or into a Bob-omb. If the player manages to lure the Spiky Topman into Gearmo's net, Gearmo will reward the player with the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲベーゴマンを連れてきて
Toge Bēgoman o Tsurete Kite
Take the Spiky Topman to me

Chinese 尖刺貝陀螺 跟我來!
Jiāncì Bèituóluó Gēnwǒlái!
Spiky Topman, Follow me!

French (NOA) Chasse au Toupiman
Topman Hunt
French (NOE) La chasse au Begopic
The Spiky Topman Hunt
German Dornenbegoman im Verfolgungswahn
Spiky Topman's persecution mania
Italian A caccia di Robomolle
Hunting for Spring Topman
Spanish ¡Ven aquí, Trompo!
Come here, Topman!


  • In the Italian translation, this mission is called "A caccia di Robomolle" (Hunting for Spring Topmen). This was most likely a mistake, however, because the player is actually hunting for a Spiky Topman, not a Spring Topman.