Sweet Mystery Galaxy

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Sweet Mystery Galaxy
Sweet Mystery Galaxy.png
Area World 4
How to unlock Feed the Hungry Luma on the World 4 map 1200 Star Bits
Comet(s) Purple Comet
Green Comet
Mission(s) Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow
Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Prankster Comet icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Galaxy icon A square-shaped candy platform with three pieces of candy and a Bulb Berry on top
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Sweet Mystery Galaxy is a galaxy of World 4 in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. Its level consists of different types of food and sweets, such as ice cream, pancakes, lollipops, candy canes, pretzels and donuts. Most of the platforms here are invisible and can only be revealed using Bulb Yoshi. Common enemies here include Smeeches and Choppahs. The galaxy entirely revolves around the use of Bulb Berry.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Sweet Mystery Planet[edit]

Mario approaching the Sweet Mystery Planet.
Mario and Yoshi in the Flipswitch Panel area in the Sweet Mystery Galaxy.
Mario and Yoshi near the Flipswitch Panel area.

This planet is entirely composed of food-like platforms. There are few enemies in this galaxy, and a twisty Matter Splatter path that can only be revealed with the use of the Bulb Berry. The Comet Medal is found on an invisible platform to the right after passing the first curved platform. There are a few moving platforms and some flowers can be found in one area. To reveal the Launch Star that leads to the next planet, the player must turn all the Flipswitch Panels yellow. This is the starting planet for all of the missions.

Present Planet[edit]

Mario approaching the Present Planet.

When the player uses the Launch Star from the first planet, they'll end up on the final planet in the galaxy. At first, the player will see this planet shaped like a present, but as they approach it, the gift unwraps and reveals a cake. When the player lands on it, the cake will disappear. The only way to see it again is to use the Bulb Berry. Choppahs can be encountered here. The Power Star is at the top of the cake.



Level Image Summary
Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow SMG2 Sweet Mystery Bulb Berrys Mysterious Glow.png This mission's objective is to simply navigate the platforms to reach the end of the galaxy.
Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow SMG2 Sweet Mystery Bulb Berrys Purple Coin Glow.png This mission's objective is to collect 100 Purple Coins.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Mario and Yoshi above the first green star.

The player will redo the Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow mission. The first green star is located under a Matter Splatter platform. To get it, the player must use Bulb Yoshi and stand on this platform. Then, they must wait until the Bulb Berry's effects wears off and fall to get the Green Star. This Star can also be reached by long jumping at it with Luigi.

Planets Visited

Green Star 2[edit]

Mario and Yoshi next to the second Green Star.

The player will redo the Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow mission. The second Green Star is located near the location of the Comet Medal on the Sweet Mystery Planet. To get it, the player has to perform a Flutter Jump towards the star located to the right of the medal.

Planets Visited


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Prima Official Game Guide description[edit]

  • "Indulge your sweet tooth in this galaxy made of cookies and cakes. But not every delicious delight is out in the open. Yoshi must snack on Bulb Berries to make every platform visible. Without revealing a safe route through this galaxy, you'll never enjoy a dessert of Power Stars."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイーツミステリーギャラクシー
Suītsu Misuterī Gyarakushī
Sweets Mystery Galaxy
Chinese 奇幻甜點銀河
Qíhuàn tiándiǎn yínhé
Magical Dessert Galaxy
French (NOA) Galaxie du mystère sucré Same as English name
French (NOE) Succulents mystères Succulent mysteries
German Bisquitboden-Galaxie Cookie Floor Galaxy
Italian Galassia Dolce Mistero Same as English name
Korean 스위트 미스터리 갤럭시
Seuwiteu Miseuteoli Gaelleogsi
Sweet Mystery Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Galletas Secretas Secret Cookies Galaxy



  • Bulb Yoshi has an interesting effect on many of the planetoids in this galaxy: when the player gets near them, they will be able to see through their outsides and view the desserts inside them.
  • A strange sound effect often echoes in the background of the music in this galaxy, and it sounds similar to the sound it makes when the player first grabs a Pull Star using the Star Pointer.