Bulb Yoshi

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Bulb Yoshi
Bulb Yoshi Art - Super Mario Galaxy 2.png
Used on Yoshi
Item needed Bulb Berry
Power(s) given Reveals hidden passages temporarily.
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Bulb Yoshi reveals an invisible path.

Bulb Yoshi is one of Yoshi's power-ups in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2 along with Dash Yoshi and Blimp Yoshi. Yoshi becomes Bulb Yoshi whenever he eats a Bulb Berry. When this happens, he turns yellow and glows.

While glowing, Yoshi will be surrounded in a circle of light which can reveal passages that are not normally seen. However, the effects of this power-up are only temporary, so he must eat another nearby Bulb Berry to prolong it. Bulb Yoshi runs out of glow when the music dies down. Bulb Yoshi can also use launch stars and enter pipes.

The Glowing Baby Yoshi of New Super Mario Bros. U has similar functions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライトヨッシー
Raito Yosshī
Light Yoshi
Spanish (NOA) Yoshi Luz Light Yoshi
Spanish (NOE) Yoshi Luminoso Light Yoshi
French (NOE) Yoshi Lumière Light Yoshi
Italian Yoshi Luce Light Yoshi
Chinese 發光耀西[1]
Fāguāng Yàoxī
Glowing Yoshi


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