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First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Bullet Bill
A pre-release screenshot of Mario holding a Spin Drill near some Diggas. Note the further-apart, Bullet Bill-like eyes and untextured metallic rim.

Diggas[1] are enemies resembling drill-fronted Bullet Bills that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2; they are located in the Spin-Dig Galaxy. Diggas drill with their body exposed and move in set circular paths along the surface, ignoring Mario. On one rectangular planet, they briefly stop moving along the surface to dig through a wall and come out the other side. They are also launched from the underside of the boss Digga-Leg, similar to how its predecessor, Megaleg, launches Bullet Bills out of its body. These Diggas burrow all the way through the planet before beginning their typical circular motion. They have a yellow body, a drill for a nose, angry eyes, a brown rim covered in metal studs on the back end, and no arms or legs. They can be easily destroyed by a jump, a Ground Pound or with a Spin Drill. In a pre-release screenshot, their eyes were further apart and designed much different from the final, furthering the resemblance to Bullet Bills.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホリーノ
From「掘り」(hori), the verb stem form of「掘る」(horu, to dig) and masculine name ending "-ino"
French Toperceur From torpille (torpedo) and perceur (driller)
German Bohrpedo From Bohren (to drill) and Torpedo (torpedo)
Italian Trivellino From trivellina (little drill); shared with Pendril
Spanish (NOE) Torpedín


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