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Mario on the Hot and Cold Planet in the Shiverburn Galaxy.
Ice Meteor platforms on the Ice Magma Skate Planet

Ice Meteors are objects that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They appear only in the Shiverburn Galaxy in the mission Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood, where they fall from the sky into the lava pond on the Ice Magma Skate Planet, creating ice platforms that Mario (or Luigi) can skate across to the Launch Star at the end of the planet. This is a logical inversion of the earlier half of the planet, which featured meteors raining down on the icy half of the planet. The ice platforms dissipate after a few seconds.

Although the Ice Meteors are necessary to help Mario reach the planet's Launch Star, touching one before it hits the lava freezes Mario, causing him to take damage. The ice platforms the meteors leave behind are identical to the ones created by Ice Mario from Super Mario Galaxy.

Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Galaxy 2 ObjectData/IceMeteor.arc IceMeteor Ice Meteor (refers to the platform)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 ObjectData/IceMeteorBall.arc IceMeteorBall Ice Meteor Ball (refers to the meteor)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 SystemData/ObjNameTable.arc/ObjNameTable.tbl アイスメテオ (Aisu Meteo) Ice Meteor

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 氷の結晶[1]
Kōri no Kesshō
Ice Crystal

Italian Cristallo di ghiaccio[2]
Ice crystal


  • Despite being an independently coded object, Ice Meteors are not acknowledged in the Prima Games guide for Super Mario Galaxy 2.


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