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Chance Cube
Chance Cube.png
A block with 3-4 sides

First Appearance

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Effect on Player

Gives the player a chance to obtain an Item.

A Chance Cube is an item that appears in the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are found in numerous levels of each galaxy and on Starship Mario. Chance Cubes are depicted as a cube with images of a 1-Up Mushroom, a Coin, a Star Bit, and an emblem of Bowser's face on each side. When stationary, it floats in place.

Artwork of a Lumalee with two Chance Cubes in Super Mario Galaxy 2

When Mario hits it, the cube flies back and lands in a similar fashion to a Dice Block. Whatever image is face up determines what Mario will earn.

If a 1-Up Mushroom is shown, Mario earns a 1-Up Mushroom. If a coin is depicted, Mario wins 10 coins. If a Star Bit is depicted, Mario earns a single Star Bit. However, if the Bowser emblem shows up, a Goomba appears. There is also Lumalee in Starship Mario found in a Warp Pipe next to the ship's "ear" once certain tasks are complete. This allows Mario to feed 30 Star Bits to the Luma to roll a Chance Cube that can give up to five 1-Up Mushrooms at once.

Later on, there is another cube that allows Mario to roll five Chance Cubes for 100 coins for a chance to win up to 25 1-Up Mushrooms. The Chance Cubes on Starship Mario have no sides with a Bowser Emblem or a coin. There is a chance that the player either get a Star Bit, one, three or five 1-Up Mushrooms. The Co-Star Luma can also spin Chance Cubes. Rolling into one as Rock Mario, burning it with a fireball as Fire Mario, hitting it with a Double Kick, rolling a snowball towards it, or shooting one with a Star Bit also activates it, as does riding Yoshi and doing a spin attack.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイス
Spanish (NOA) Dado del azar Lucky Dice
Spanish (NOE) Dado del azar
Dado de la suerte
Lucky Dice; These are for the 1-up and star bit sides only.
Dice of the fate; This is for the one that has a 1-up mushroom, coin and Bowser emblem.
French (NOA) Dé chanceux Lucky Dice
French (NOE) Dés Hasard Chance Dice
German Glückskubus Happiness Cube
Italian Dado Destino Dice of Destiny
Portuguese Dados da Sorte Lucky Dice
Korean 다이스
Transliteration of the Japanese name
Chinese 骰子 (Simplified/Traditional)
Transliteration of the Japanese name


  • When rolled, the player will hear a snare drum roll, ended by a cymbal crash once it has landed on an image. The longer it takes for the picture to reveal (an example such as when it's rolling down a big hill), the longer the snare drum roll sound will be, and later the cymbal crash is heard. But the faster it reveals, the shorter the sound, and the sooner the cymbal crash sound is heard. Sometimes a few snare drum beats can be heard when spinning multiple chance cubes, during the drum roll sound.
  • The Super Mario Galaxy 2 Prima Guide calls the Chance Cubes found in galaxies Lucky Cubes.
  • If Mario uses a Spin on the cube when it is still rolling, it would stop automatically, making it easier to get the desired item. This technique can even cause the cube to stop in midair with precise timing.