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Lumalee's artwork for Super Mario Galaxy
Species Hungry Luma
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
“♪ Lumalee! Lumabop! Welcome to the Luma Shop! ♪”
Lumalee, Super Mario Galaxy

A Lumalee, also named a Salesman Luma,[1] is a cyan Luma who appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. A Lumalee's appearance is very similar to that of a Hungry Luma and Comet Tico, holding up signs depicting a Life Mushroom and a 1-Up Mushroom.

A Lumalee serves as a "shop," where Mario (or Luigi) can purchase either a Life Mushroom or a 1-Up Mushroom for 30 Star Bits. Lumalees can be found in several galaxies and tend to appear before boss battles. Once Mario has made his choice of purchase, a Lumalee is fed the right number of Star Bits automatically and proceeds to transform into the mushroom of his choosing for him to collect. Because of this transformation, Mario can buy only one item from a Lumalee per appearance in that playthrough of the stage.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Lumalees serve the same purpose as in the first game. In addition, by doing certain missions, two Lumalees holding sticks with Chance Cubes on the end will appear in a pipe that is on the left ear of Starship Mario. The first Lumalee will turn into a Chance Cube for 30 Star Bits. The second Lumalee will turn into five Chance Cubes for 100 coins. The possible outcomes from both Luma Shops' Chance Cubes are a single Star Bit, a 1-Up Mushroom, three 1-Up Mushrooms, and five 1-Up Mushrooms.

Level appearances[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese よろずやチコ
Yorozu ya Chiko
Shop Luma
Chinese 奇可小店
Qíkě Xiǎo Diàn
Luma shop
German Lumalee -
Italian Bazar Sfavillotto Bazaar Luma
Korean 상점 치코
Sangjeom Chiko
Shop Luma
Spanish Destellomercado Literally "Luma market".


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