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Mario and Luigi's family in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario and Luigi's family is the extended family of Mario and Luigi's which has been seen and referenced numerous times throughout the many games, television shows, movies and comics that make up the Super Mario franchise. A good majority of the family members were only ever seen or referenced on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, particularly during the live-action segments. These are all the known members to appear in any official form of media.

Shigeru Miyamoto once joked in an interview that a new third brother may be created for Mario and Luigi if needed.[1]

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Mario and Luigi’s family "of Italian immigrants"[2] consists of their mother and father, two paternal uncles, an aunt, a niece, and a grandfather,[3] who all live in Brooklyn in the same building. According to the film's directors (Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic) and Shigeru Miyamoto, the designs of some of the family members are based on character sketches that were created by Yoichi Kotabe[4] decades prior to the movie's production.[3]

Aunt Luigeena[edit]

Aunt Luigeena with Mario
Main article: Aunt Luigeena

Aunt Luigeena is an aunt of Mario and Luigi's who was only ever seen at the end of "Mama Mia Mario". Although her appearance was small, she came off as being a very bossy woman towards Mario. Given her name, there is a good chance that Luigi was named after her, much like Luigeena. Although never stated, it is likely that Aunt Luigeena is Mama Mario's sister, given their similar attitudes.

Aunt Maria[edit]

A cloud that looks like Aunt Maria
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Aunt Maria is an aunt of Mario and Luigi's who has yet to make an appearance. Despite this, she has been referenced on two separate occasions. However, her personality remains a mystery. The first mention was during the events of "Crimes R Us". While looking at clouds with Mario, Luigi noted that one of them resembled their aunt Maria.

The second mention came from Doors to Doom, in which Donkey Kong Jr.'s yell was compared to a cross of Tarzan's cry and the screech Aunt Maria makes when the Mario Bros. walk on her newly waxed floor. However, given that the Nintendo Adventure Books were produced separately from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, these two references may be a coincidence given that the name Maria is very similar to Mario.

Aunt Marie[edit]

Aunt Marie
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Aunt Marie is one of Mario and Luigi's aunts. She is presumably the wife of Uncle Arthur. She appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, only speaking a few lines including greeting Mario and Luigi and saying "Hey!" when she scolds Uncle Arthur.

Grandma Mario[edit]

Main article: Grandma Mario

Grandma Mario is a late grandmother of Mario and Luigi's. Her own name was stated by Mario to be his namesake. However, it is unclear as to whether she is Mario and Luigi's maternal or paternal grandmother. She came off as being somewhat stubborn.

Grandma Mario's only "appearance" was during "The Great Hereafter". Leading into the events of this segment, Mario had been having nightmares in which Grandma Mario kept scolding him, although Luigi always woke Mario up before they could finish on their own. After enlisting the help of The Old Psychic Lady with the Evil Eye Who Reads Fortunes and Knows Everything Before it Happens, Grandma Mario was able to temporarily possess Mario's body so that she could tell her grandsons to clean up their apartment.

Grandma Mia[edit]

Main article: List of implied characters § Grandma Mia

Grandma Mia is briefly mentioned during by Mario in "The Fire of Hercufleas" where he compared her garlic chip cookies to the strength of Hercufleas. She is possibly the same character as Grandma Mario as the Mario in Real Time exhibit at the San Diego Comic Con 2012 mentioned a grandmother with the name "Grandmama Mia Mario."[5]


This article is about Mario and Luigi's grandfather from the game universe. For the character from the 1993 film, see List of implied characters § Grandpapa (film character).

Grandpapa is Mario and Luigi's grandfather. Mario briefly mentioned him at the San Diego Comic Con 2012, and his full name is implied to be Grandpapa Pio Mario.[5]


GPoppy's photo hanging on Mario and Luigi's wall in Nintendo Power
Painting of a man from a TV tray that is identified as GPoppy in Nintendo Power issue 7.
Closeup of the TV tray

GPoppy is Mario and Luigi's grandfather, who was only ever seen in Nintendo Power. On page 93Media:Nintendo Power issue 7 image 5.jpg of issue 7, a photograph of him can be seen hanging on a wall of Mario and Luigi's house labeled "GPoppy". GPoppy is similar in appearance to Mario and Luigi, except that he has white hair, beard, eyebrows, and mustache and his clothes are yellow and blue. He is also depicted smoking a pipe.

A variant of this image is used for a TV trayMedia:Tvtray.jpg, also dating from 1989. This one is unlabeled.


Main article: Luigeena

Luigeena is one of Mario and Luigi's cousins, who is somewhat similar in appearance to Luigi. Along with her sister Marianne, Luigeena only ever appeared during "Marianne and Luigeena".

During the segment, Luigeena and Marianne arrived at Mario Brothers Plumbing upon learning that Lyle Alzado was coming over for lunch. After flirting with Lyle for a while, Marianne sent Luigeena to look for Mario and Luigi, who had gone out to buy some groceries. After meeting up with Marianne afterwards, the two sisters returned to Mario Brothers Plumbing to announce that they were going to follow Mel Gibson home.

Mama Mario[edit]

Mama Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Main article: Mama Mario

Mama Mario is the mother of Mario and Luigi. She has had a few minor appearances and mentions throughout the Super Mario franchise. Her most prominent appearances were during two live-action segments of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!; "Mama Mia Mario" and "Little Marios", both of which portrayed her with a bossy demeanor and the tendency to assign her sons endless chores. She also appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie living in Brooklyn along with Papa Mario and other members of Mario's family.


Main article: Marianne

Marianne is one of Mario and Luigi's cousins, who is somewhat similar in appearance to Mario. Along with her sister Luigeena, Luigeena only ever appeared during "Marianne & Luigeena".

Accompanied by Luigeena, Marianne travelled to Mario Brothers Plumbing to meet up with Lyle Alzado, who was visiting Mario and Luigi for lunch. Since Mario and Luigi had left to buy groceries, Marianne and Luigeena flirted with Lyle for a while. Marianne eventually sent Luigeena to look for Mario and Luigi as an excuse to flirt with Lyle by herself, until Luigi came home and stopped her. Marianne then left to look for Luigeena and Mario, only to later return with her sister to announce that they were going to pursue Mel Gibson.


Main article: Marilyn (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)

Marilyn is a wild niece of Mario and Luigi's. She appeared during "Wild Thing", in which she invited several of her friends over to Mario Brothers Plumbing to party for a weekend without Mario and Luigi's consent. By the end of the segment, she and her friends left to party at her Uncle Troy's home in California.

Marilyn's mother[edit]

Marilyn's mother is the mother of Marilyn, who was briefly mentioned by her during "Wild Thing". It is not known if she is related to the Mario brothers by blood or marriage. According to her mother, Marilyn stated that she was allowed to have her friends party at Mario Brothers Plumbing.

Mario Joe and Luigi Bob[edit]

Cousins Mario Joe and Luigi Bob
Main article: Mario Joe and Luigi Bob

Mario Joe and Luigi Bob are brothers and the bumpkin cousins of Mario and Luigi who appeared in "Mario Hillbillies". They are identical in appearance to Mario and Luigi, but come off as being rather dim and absent-minded.

In "Mario Hillbillies", Mario Joe and Luigi Bob arrived at Mario Brothers Plumbing to go on a fishing trip with their cousins, only to learn that they had left without them due to their tardiness. Waiting around for Mario and Luigi, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob met up with Ellie Mae, a potential customer of Mario and Luigi's who ultimately befriended their cousins.

Mario's mother-in-law[edit]

Mario's mother-in-law is mentioned by Mario in Super Mario Bros.: Favorite Mushroom Party Hits!!! during the transition between "Mockingbird" and "Mother-in-Law," saying that the listener needs to watch out for her, whom he calls a "jive Goomba", despite the fact that he is not known to be married. Ernie K-Doe then sings "Mother-in-Law," a song about her, suggesting that he knows her.

Ojīsan and Obāsan[edit]

A young Mario riding on Ojīsan back as Obāsan watches
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Ojīsan and Obāsann are an elderly Hammer Bro couple and the adoptive grandparents of Mario, as well as Princess Peach. They only appeared in the Amada Anime Series adaptation of Momotarō.

Papa Mario[edit]

Mario in Papa's hand
Main article: Papa Mario

Papa Mario is the father of Mario and Luigi. He has made only a few minor appearances across official Mario media and as such, little about his personality is actually known.

Uncle Arthur[edit]

Uncle Arthur
Main article: Uncle Arthur

Uncle Arthur is one of Mario and Luigi's uncles. He is a brother of their father. He appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, voiced by John DiMaggio.

Uncle Tony[edit]

Uncle Tony
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Uncle Tony is one of Mario and Luigi's uncles. He was briefly mentioned during "Glasnuts", and was described as a big eater by Mario, who feared that he would eat all of their pizza if he came to Mario Brothers Plumbing.

Uncle Tony makes a physical appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, portrayed by Rino Romano. Like Uncle Arthur, he is from the father's side of the family.

Uncle Troy[edit]

Main article: Uncle Troy

Uncle Troy is an uncle of Marilyn's who lives in California. His relationship to Mario and Luigi, if any, remains a mystery. As such, he may not even be a relative of theirs.

Unnamed grandfather[edit]

Main article: Mario and Luigi's grandfather
The grandfather with Mama Mario

An unnamed grandfather appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie in a non-speaking role. Co-director Aaron Horvath implied that he used to be a boxer.[3] It is unknown whether he is Mario and Luigi's maternal or paternal grandfather, or if he is Grandpapa, GPoppy, or a separate character.

Unnamed niece[edit]

Main article: Mario and Luigi's niece
The niece

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a little girl, defined as "Mario and Luigi's niece"[3], appears at the dinner scene, constantly looking down at her phone. Although she does not speak in the film, Aunt Marie is shown taking away her phone while the family is eating pancakes, so it is possible that she is Marie and Arthur's daughter.