Nintendo Power issue 7

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Nintendo Power issue 7
Nintendo Power - Issue 7.jpg
Publisher Nintendo of America
Release date July/August, 1989

Nintendo Power issue 7 is the seventh volume of Nintendo Power, released in July/August, 1989. It was released with a free copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Power Tip Book (part 1).

The Contents section on page 5 mentions Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Power Tip Book:

“36-page Nintendo Power insert: Super Mario Bros. 2 Tip Book! First of two parts! Keep it! Use it! Become the best! Amaze your friends! It's free!”
Contents, page 5

A question about Mario and Luigi's age appeared in The Mail Box section on page 6. The letter also asked if they had last names and if they were twins. The reply did not answer these questions, stating that "some questions simply don't have answers".

In the Video Spotlight section on page 7, Chuck "The Whiz" Burkz writes that Super Mario Bros. 2 is his second favorite game. He talks about how he purchased the last copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 when it released in the store on Saturday afternoon. He then defeated Wart by Tuesday night. He also claims to have "shot -12 just two days after getting the game" in Golf.

Game Boy is showcased on page 84 with Super Mario Land and Alleyway.

On page 92, a drawing contains Princess Peach, Toad, Luigi, and Bowser. The page also says that "Nintendo has moved from arcade classics like Donkey Kong" to the NES.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Nintendo Power also writes on page 92 that "with characters like Mario and Link blazing new trails into the realm of fun, Nintendo is confident that the next 100 years will be even better than the first". The next page covers The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. The show is described as "a combination live action/animated cartoon series", and its atmosphere as "lighted-heart with irreverant comedy taking the spotlight".

Page 94 compares a character's loyalty to their human crew to Mario's loyalty to Luigi.

In the Next Issue section on page 96, a second installment of Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Power Tip Book is advertised to be included in the eighth issue:

“Be here for the second installment of our super Nintendo Power bonus tip book. More tips, hints, and secrets moving into the higher stages of SMB2. Don't leave home without it!”
Next Issue, page 96

How to Win at Super Mario Bros. (spelled as How to win at Super Mario Bros.) is advertised on page 97.

Super Mario Land can be seen on a Game Boy's screen on page 99.


Top 30[edit]

“Whimsical, weird and wonderful games like SMB2 and Link have inspired the imaginations and votes of players around the USA.”
Player's Forum, page 38
First place
  • 1st: Super Mario Bros. 2 (12900 points)
    "By leaps and bounds, Super Mario Bros. 2 recaptures the lead. Goes to show, you can’t keep a good game down."
    Players' picks: 5535 points
    Pros' picks: 1216 points (incorrectly spelled as Super Mario Brothers 2)
    Dealers' picks: 6677 points
  • 24th: Super Mario Bros. (1442 points)
    Players' picks: 978
    Pros' picks: 464 (incorrectly spelled as Super Mario Brothers)
    Dealers' picks: N/A
  • Donkey Kong Classics
    Players' picks: N/A
    Pros' picks: N/A
    Dealers' picks: 572 points

Classified Information[edit]

Super Mario Bros. 2

This issue's Classified Information section covers a way to obtain more coins in Subspace by losing a life in World 5-1 in "Extra Coins for Experts" on page 76.

NES Achievers[edit]

Super Mario Bros. scores

Only the top scores are listed:

  • Golf
    Alex Vaishville (Santa Clara), Roland F. Harbour Sr. (Pawtucket) / -22, 50 (strokes)
  • Super Mario Bros.
    Multiple people / 9,999,950 (score)

The First Anniversary[edit]

The First Anniversary

For the first anniversary of Nintendo Power, a 3-page guide was published on pages 89 to 91 for finding extra lives. It includes Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros., showcasing methods to obtain 1-UP Mushrooms in World 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 5-1, and 6-1 for Super Mario Bros. 2, and in World 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 6-1, and 8-1.

Mario can be seen saying "Take it from me. Nintendo Power is the source for game play information." at the bottom of the page.