World 8-1 (Super Mario Bros.)

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World 8-1
World-Level World 8-1
World World 8
Game Super Mario Bros.
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 8-1 is the first level of World 8 in Super Mario Bros. It is the longest level in the game.


Map of World 8-1 (Super Mario Bros.).
Map of World 8-1 (Super Mario All-Stars).

The player starts on a path with a Buzzy Beetle leading a row of Little Goombas. Past a pipe with a Piranha Plant and some Koopa Troopas are gaps the player can simply run across, followed by another Koopa Troopa and some more Little Goombas. Between the next two pipes is a Hidden Block containing a 1 up Mushroom, and the next second pipe over leads to an underground area, which exits out of the pipe immediately after. Following a row of Koopa Troopas and Little Goombas is an enclosed area with a Koopa Paratroopa, in the middle of which is a Hidden Block that can be used to reach a Coin Block directly above. After some gaps and more Koopa Paratroopas is a row of Brick Blocks, with the third from the left containing a Starman. Past some more gaps, a row of Little Goombas and a Buzzy Beetle, some pipes, and a stone staircase, there is a large gap with a narrow platform in the middle of it. After some more Koopa Troopas, pipes, and stone pillars is the flagpole.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe challenges[edit]

In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, the player can collect five Red Coins, find a hidden Yoshi Egg, and get a medal based on their score. The Yoshi Egg is found in a Hidden Block directly above the narrow platform in the large gap, and the score to beat is 40000. The Red Coin locations are:

  • Over the final gap near the start of the level
  • In a new Coin Block in the underground area, placed at the left-most block of the row of Brick Blocks
  • In the Coin Block above the Koopa Paratroopa
  • In the right most Brick Block of the row of blocks that contains the Starman
  • Between the two stone platforms with a Koopa Troopa just before the narrow platform in the large gap


Level statistics[edit]