World 6-1 (Super Mario Bros. 2)

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World 6-1
SMB2 World 6-1 Cobrats.png
World World 6
Game Super Mario Bros. 2
Boss Green Birdo
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World 6-1 (Chapter 6-1 in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic; titled Go to the World of Deserts Again[1]) is the first level of World 6 in Super Mario Bros. 2.


This level starts like any level from World 2 does: as the player explores the desert, numerous enemies and obstacles must be beaten, such as quicksand and swarms of Cobrats and Pokeys. The player then enters a fort, where 21 jars are found. The fifth-to-last one has the key that is necessary to open the door showing Green Birdo's whereabouts. Another jar leads to a 1-Up Mushroom.



  • Despite the Nintendo Power level title suggesting a direct revisit of the setting from World 2, it is stated that "World 6-1 looks a lot like the World of Deserts in World 2"[1].

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