World 3-1 (Super Mario Bros. 2)

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World 3-1
World World 3
Game Super Mario Bros. 2
Boss Red Birdo
Notes The first level of World 3.
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World 3-1 is the first level of World 3 in Super Mario Bros. 2.


NES version

World 3-1 starts in a small area, where the only obstacle is a waterfall. Across the waterfall is the door to the next area, where the player has to jump on a vertical arrangement of clouds toward the top of a larger waterfall. Once at the top could, the player has to ride a Pidgit's carpet into the sky while dodging Beezos; they will soon come across the beanstalk to get to the next area. At the bottom of the waterfall is a door that leads to a cave. Here, the player can access a hidden warp to World 5.

The right side of the area is populated by Shy Guys and Pansers, with the door to the boss room and Red Birdo at the end. The area to the left is a shortcut that can take the player directly to the boss room, and can only be reached by Super Jumping across the gap. Depending on the character, this may require the use of a Mushroom Block; when thrown to the left from high enough, it will 'land' on one of the smaller clouds and provide a platform to make crossing somewhat easier.

Ace Coin locations in Super Mario Advance[edit]

  • The first coin is right above the point where the player comes out of the door on the hill.
  • The second coin is midway down the waterfall to the secret warp's cave, on the left side of the stage.
  • The third coin is around where the player first obtains the magic carpet, on the right side of the stage.
  • The fourth coin is on the left side of the stage above this area, close to the vine.
  • The last coin is located inside the door after the player makes use of the shortcut.

Yoshi Egg locations in Super Mario Advance[edit]

  • The first egg is next to the vase that leads the player to World 5.
  • The second egg is on the cloud above the hill in the sky.

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