World 6 (Super Mario Bros. 2)

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World 6
SMB2 World 6-1 Cobrats.png
Game Super Mario Bros. 2
Level(s) 3
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World 6 (known as Chapter 6 in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic) is the sixth world in Super Mario Bros. 2. World 6 is a desert themed stage much like World 2, but it is harder. In the original game, the boss at the end was Tryclyde, who made his appearance again from World 2, but in the Game Boy Advance remake, Super Mario Advance, he was replaced by Mouser, who is also the boss of World 1. Worlds 6-1 and 6-2 feature Green Birdo, while World 6-3 has Red Birdo before Mouser or Tryclyde.

Level Information[edit]

Level Preview Description
World 6-1 SMB2 World 6-1 Cobrats.png This level starts outside, but the fight against Birdo takes place underground. Read more...
World 6-2 World 6-2 This level requires the player to ride on Albatosses. The Albatosses never carry any Bob-Ombs in this level. Read more...
World 6-3 SMB2 World 6-3 Tryclyde Battle.png Tryclyde is the boss of this level, but in Super Mario Advance, Mouser is the boss of this level. This level is the only level where no key is found in the fortress. There is a shortcut in this level that will take the player directly to Red Birdo. Read more...