Big Ninji

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Big Ninji
A Big Ninji from Super Mario Advance.
A Big Ninji
First appearance Super Mario Advance (2001)
Variant of Ninji

Big Ninjis,[1] also known as Giant Ninjis,[2] are a large variant of Ninji that appears as a somewhat rare enemy in Super Mario Advance. Big Ninjis use the same attack pattern as the second variant of their smaller counterparts, which is jumping repeatedly in place. Like most enemies in Super Mario Advance, Big Ninjis can be picked up and thrown at other enemies to defeat them, though they take longer to lift than most enemies and items due to their large size. When a Big Ninji is thrown to the ground or defeated, a Heart appears. Their behavior is highly similar to that of the Big Shy Guys that also appear in Super Mario Advance.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグハックン[3]
Biggu Hakkun
Big Ninji


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