List of Super Mario Advance glitches

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This is a list of glitches found exclusively in the game Super Mario Advance, a remake of Super Mario Bros. 2. For glitches found in the original game and possibly Super Mario Advance as well, see List of Super Mario Bros. 2 glitches.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Rolling Yoshi Egg

The egg glitch from Super Mario Bros. 2.
Luigi holding the rolling Yoshi Egg, near the tall jar he got it from.

First, the player must go to World 2-2, World 3-1 or World 6-3 and play as Luigi. The player must have at least three hearts, and go into a jar containing a Spark Chaser. Once inside, the player has to pick up the Spark Chaser, and then jump, hit a Spark at the top and try to get to one side or the other (this part is easier the more hearts the player has in possession). The player can't do it with only two, as when they shrink, it won't cause knockback. Then, the player must carry it out of the jar. It will become a Yoshi Egg with the palette of the Spark Chaser. It will act the same way as the Spark Chaser, with the exception of being re-usable if it falls in quicksand.

Clipping glitch

In World 2-3, there is a ceiling in the soft sand digging area. The player can do a Power Squat Jump with the Key up to it. If done right, the player's character can be stuck in the wall.

Stuck in a Mushroom Block

This glitch best works in Fryguy's boss fight area. If the player slides underneath one of the flying Mushroom Blocks, and the player lets go of +Control Pad down, their top half will be trapped inside the Mushroom Block. The only way to get out of it is to slide back out.

Sliding Mushroom Block

The player needs a Mushroom Block and a low enough ceiling. The player can jump up while holding the block and throw it while the block is inside the ceiling. If done correctly, the block will quickly slide through the ceiling and fall down a few blocks away.