List of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Bowser Punch Glitch

The player must be Mario and Luigi inside of Bowser's Body. After saving, quitting, and re-opening the game, the player must press Y Button. Instead of breathing fire, Bowser will do a punch.

Frozen Battle

If the player is battling Bowser X, and when he is doing the attack where he grows giant, and one of the bros is hit by the fire, then they will fall behind, and sometimes the game will freeze. The music is still playing, although it is playing the same note over and over again.

Luigi Wearing Mario's Clothes

When the player goes to the blue area of the Flab Zone and jumps into the mucus and through the pipe, Luigi will oddly fall in front of Mario. Luigi will then have half green and half red sleeves and Mario's overalls. When the player jumps as Luigi, he will jump "out" of Mario. When Luigi falls back down, he will look like he fell back "into" Mario.

Save Block Lag Glitch

Bowser should be facing a save block, close enough to punch it. The player must save while inside Bowser's body. He/she must then quit the save file. After reloading the game, the player must press X Button or Y Button to make Bowser punch. He will do the slide punch animation, and after a few seconds, will hit the save block.

Stuck Statue

When Bowser is pushing a Statue of Fawful in Bowser's Castle, there is a glitch where Bowser will get the statue right to the wall but will be stuck. Mario and Luigi can't do the double jumps on Bowser's legs to make him push, they will only do normal jumps. Bowser's minions won't push the Statue either though, making the Statue stuck. If the player restarts the game then the glitch will be fixed and the game will go on as normal.

Talkative Pep

When the player defeats a Pep that's in its POW form and tries to attack, a glitch may occur. Mario or Luigi must counterattack by using their hammers right when the Pep makes a sound effect, and if they defeat the Pep, during the rest of the battle, and even in the victory scene, the player can hear a Pep sound playing over and over again.

Too Much Damage

Warning!: Performing this act may corrupt your game's save files.

The game wasn't designed for 10,000 or more damage to be dealt to an enemy. If the player does this, as soon as the damage is dealt, the game will crash. Doing this may corrupt the save file, with often lagging and/or freezing, and repeating the glitch will worsen the game until it becomes unplayable.

In subsequent Mario & Luigi series games, this glitch is patched by not allowing the playable characters to deal any more than 9,999 damage to enemies.

Trapped in the Pipe Yard

Warning!: Performing this act may corrupt your game's save files.

If Bowser is bloated after eating one of the leftovers, once the Flab Zone is active, the player must go to the Pipe Yard, and when he/she does, a glitch may occur. Mario and Luigi will keep walking, but Luigi will be stuck. The player has to reset the game after this. However, if the player (as Bowser) saves anyway after the glitch is performed, the save file will become bricked, making the Bros. unable to process through the Pipe Yard.