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Broque Monsieur's Shop
Broggy Shop, seen left of Broque's Shop.

Broggy's Shop is a shop mained by Broggy during Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its remake. It is a shop, shadowed by Broque Monsieur's Shop, that sells Gear. Broggy only sells gear to Bowser, as Mario and Luigi offend his master Broque Monsieur. After a purchase is made, Broggy will give Bowser the opportunity to use a Scratch Card, which will give money back to the player depending on what they scratch off. As Bowser grows more powerful and buys more from him and his master, Broggy will up his Horn ranking. As a result, the scratch card has less boxes, which means there is a higher chance of landing on any of the prizes.

Before the events of the game, Broggy was the main mascot of the shops. However, that was before Blitties came and his owner wanted them to be the mascot. When Bowser gives Broque Monsieur all fifteen Blitties, Broggy will go with Bowser for a walk, and enable Bowser to use Broggy Bonker. His store is preserved by Broque, who runs both his and Broggy's while the latter is gone. Broggy's shop is also mained by Broque whenever Bowser uses a Shop Block, even when all fifteen Blitties haven't been found.


Items Price
Special Shell 200 Coins
Safety Shell 400 Coins
Armored Shell 1600 Coins
Dream Shell 2400 Coins
Lucky Band 200 Coins
Iron Fist Band 400 Coins
Vampire Band 2000 Coins
Hunter Band 2500 Coins
Glutton Ring 1500 Coins
Peace Ring 2000 Coins
Fill-up Ring 3000 Coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Negozio di Fido Blocco
Broggy's Shop