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The Memory Banks
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The Memory Banks is a location in Bowser's body, as seen in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is in Bowser's brain and is responsible for storing all of Bowser's memories. The Memory Banks are personified as an organized computer database in the form of a library, with each memory stored as a separate file on shelves, analogous to memory stored on a computer's hard disk. It is maintained by a guardian who backs up and manages the memories and protects them from intruders.

When Bowser cannot recall the combination to a safe that contains a Star Cure in Bowser's Castle, he tells Starlow to help him, although she refuses until he asks politely. When Starlow, Mario, and Luigi go to the Memory Banks, they encounter the guardian, which scans them and deems them to be "viruses". It then splits into the Bowser Memory ML, digital copies of the Mario Bros., and attacks.

After being defeated, the guardian decides to cooperate and briefly reforms based on Princess Peach, claiming that the form is based on Bowser's most carefully preserved memory and is meant to aid in communicating with the Mario Bros. It states that the memory containing the combination to the safe was damaged, likely after Bowser was smashed against a boulder by the Fawful Express. Retrieving the scrambled memory from the archives, the brothers work to repair the memory and restore the combination by doing a jigsaw puzzle. The combination turns out 989888241983. Bowser is then able to open the safe and grab the Star Cure.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きおくそうこ
Kioku Sōko
Memory Warehouse
French (NOA) Hangar à mémoire Memory Shed
French (NOE) Archives mémorielles Memorial archives
German Erinnerungskammer Memory Chamber
Italian Magazzino dei Ricordi Memories Stock
Spanish (NOA) Bancos de Memoria Memory Banks
Spanish (NOE) Almacén Recordil Rememberin Warehouse


  • The password 9898 88241 983 is from Japanese 「クッパ クッパ やっぱり つよい クッパさま」 (Bowser, Bowser, strong as expected, Bowser-sama) according to the Japanese version of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In the US version, the accompanying text is changed to "Doop-de-doo... Bowser-oo... Whoop-de-WOO!" instead.
    • In the German and French versions, Bowser uses a mnemonic that rhymes with the combination when said out loud.