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In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its Nintendo 3DS remake, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey, a summary of the story can be seen when saving the game or loading up the save file, where it scrolls at the bottom of the top screen like in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The story summaries of the Bowser Jr.'s Journey mode can only be seen when loading the save file.

Bowser's Inside Story[edit]

  • "The adventures of Mario, Luigi...and Bowser?!"[1]
  • "Mario and Luigi head to an emergency meeting at Peach's Castle."
  • "Mario got inhaled into Bowser's body! What next?"
  • "Mario got inhaled into Bowser's body. With Luigi's help, he advances deeper inside..."
  • "Bowser's finally awakened. Looks like he's inside some sort of cave..."
  • "Fawful's behind the crime this time! Bowser heads for his own castle."
  • "Bowser drank water and filled his belly! Search the Pump Works inside Bowser!"
  • "At long last, the Flame Pipe! But what awaits?"
  • "Bowser can finally spit fire again. He heads for his castle once more!"
  • "Find a Banzai Bill that's fallen in Dimble Wood and launch it with the cannon!"
  • "Bowser learns the sliding haymaker. He sets out for his castle once again!"
  • "At long last, Bowser Castle, but...what's this about Fawful Theater?!"
  • "Bowser got chubby! Delve into the Flab Zone inside Bowser's body!"
  • "Princess Peach has finally been found, but some round things nabbed her! Follow after them and save her!"
  • "Princess Peach is saved! Now, to find a way out of Bowser's body..."
  • "Bowser's been blown out of his castle. He seems to have landed underground..."
  • "Mario and company made it out of Bowser's body. Hurry to where the Dark Star was sealed up!"
  • "The Dark Star's been stolen! Is Peach's Castle OK?"
  • "A blockade appeared on the bridge to Peach's Castle, blocking all entry! What in the world to do..."
  • "3 Star Cures can break the blockade guarding Peach's Castle... Wisdurm holds one inside Bowser's body?"[2]
  • "The sage, Wisdurm, has escaped deeper into Bowser's body... Meanwhile, Boswer[sic] is searching around Blubble Lake."
  • "A huge tower suddenly appeared! Or is it a robot? What's inside?"
  • "To get the Star Cure, Mario and company reentered Bowser's body. Time to investigate a new area!"
  • "Bowser's learned the body slam. He plans on heading to Dimble Wood..."
  • "What's this? The second Star Cure is under Bowser Castle? Head back there!"
  • "Bowser can't remember the safe combination to get at the second Star Cure. Get back Bowser's memory!"
  • "Where's the third Star Cure? Head back to Dr. Toadley's in Toad Town and see..."
  • "The third sage is somewhere on Plack Beach? To the beach with Mario and Luigi!"
  • "Knock over the third sage? Only the Attack Pieces in Dimble Wood can help do that!"
  • "Mario's been carried off by a monster in the woods?! Luigi alone can save him!"
  • "Ah, a new attack, Snack Basket! That'll surely knock over the third sage!"
  • "All Star Cures found! Head back to Dr. Toadley's in Toad Town!"
  • "A Miracle Cure is born! It can break down the blockade to Peach's Castle!"
  • "Fawful is lurking in Peach's Castle! Find an entrance to the castle from the garden!"
  • "Bowser learned the spike ball! Climb the walls and search Peach's Castle!"
  • "Find the three Fawfulcopters that escaped with the keys to Peach's Castle!"
  • "The depths of Peach's Castle can finally be accessed. Where's Princess Peach? Where's the Dark Star?"
  • "The Dark Star escaped into Bowser's body! Follow it into the Air Space!"
  • "The Dark Star's turned into Dark Bowser! This is terrible! Follow that thing!"
  • "Dark Bowser is right there! The final battle is at hand! Ready?"

Bowser Jr.'s Journey[edit]

  • "The adventures of Bowser Jr. and the Minions!"
  • "Bowser Jr. takes matters into his own hands and sets out to cure the blorbs!"
  • "The Koopalings try to get through to Bowser Jr. as he begins questing for Skeletone Formula:D."
  • "Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings reach Dimble Wood in search of the Giga-carrot, but a mysterious shadow lurks..."
  • "A surprise attack by the Minions...a crisis of leadership... Will Bowser Jr. do the right thing?"
  • "Bowser Jr. got the Giga-carrot! But team morale continues to disintegrate..."
  • "Bowser Jr. got the Omega-onion! Now he just needs one more ingredient to make Skeletone Formula:D."
  • "Bowser Jr. got the Ever Ice! Now he must take the ingredients to Kamek's friend at Blubble Lake."
  • "Is Bowser Jr. finally growing up? The young Master must recapture the stolen Skeletone...and his former friends."
  • "Bowser Jr. and Iggy are reunited! But there are still six more Koopalings to rescue."
  • "Ludwig reveals himself! But there are still five more Koopalings to rescue..."
  • "Larry and Lemmy are back! Time to head to Bowser's Castle and look for the last three Koopalings."
  • "Wendy gets out of a tight spot, but can the Koopalings still save Roy and Morton?"
  • "Roy has been rescued! It's time to enter the castle and find the last Koopaling remaining..."
  • "The Koopalings are reunited! Now, to take on the final battle..."
  • "Bowser's Castle is back in Bowser's hands. And Bowser Jr. grew up! Or did he..."

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ This summary only appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey before starting a new save file.
  2. ^ This summary only appears in the original DS version. In the remake, the instance of when this summary can be viewed is automatically skipped.