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Joint Tower
The Joint Tower
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The Joint Tower is a location within Bowser's body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its remake. It is located in Bowser's right leg.

Mario, Luigi and Starlow come to this place after exiting the Energy Hold because it is undergoing unusual conditions. Mario and Luigi, confused, sit and wonder what is going on. Toadbert then enters the room, saying that if the brothers activate Bowser's pressure points, the Koopa King may be able to do a Body Slam. Once the Mario Bros. activate his pressure points by Spin Jumping near a wheel-shaped bone and drilling into the activated pressure points, Bowser gains the Body Slam ability, which is used to get out of the Tower of Yikk.

Names in other languages[edit]

Joint Tower
Area map
Language Name Meaning
Japanese プレスタワー
Puresu Tawā
Press Tower

French Tour de force
Tower of Strength, and also a wordplay on un tour de force, which means something achieved with great effort and great results.
German Druckkammer
Pressure Chamber
Italian Regione Articolare
Articular Region
Korean 프레스 타워
Peureseu Tawo
Press Tower

Spanish (NOA) Articulatorre
Spanish (NOE) Torre Articular
Articular Tower

Area map[edit]

Level map