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The Mario bros. battling Dark Star X in the The Gauntlet of the Japanese version

The Gauntlet is an area in the Challenge Node that Mario and Luigi can access in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. The Gauntlet is where the plumbers face X bosses, harder versions of bosses they have battled before. The X bosses that can be fought in the Gauntlet are:

Class Boss Accompanying enemies Coins required Recommended level Turn limit Prize
Class 1 Durmite X Straw X, Biffidus X 200 18+ 5 1000 coins
Class 2 Kretin X 400 22+ 15 2000 coins
Class 3 Wisdurm X Magic Rod X 800 26+ 18 4000 coins
Class 4 Bowser Memory MLX 1200 30+ 10 6000 coins
Class 5 Junker X Junker Can X 1800 35+ 15 9000 coins
Class 6 Dark Star X Dark Satellmite X 2500 40+ 12 12500 coins
Class 7* All of the previous classes plus Bowser X 5000 50+ 35 25000 coins

*Player must beat all previous classes in order to unlock.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バトルコロシアム
Batoru Koroshiamu
Battle Colloseum
Spanish (NOA) Guantelete Gauntlet
Spanish (NOE) Coliseo Batalla Battle Colloseum
Italian Arena Gauntlet

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  • Scutlet, Chakron and the Dark Star Core are the only bosses that Mario and Luigi fight which don't appear in the Gauntlet.
  • If the Bros. lose against Durmite X before receiving the Badges from Princess Lipid, the Emoglobin at the door will still mention their existence.